Sunday, January 25, 2015

As I toil...

It's a bit dark and dreary...
The sun is probably coming up... No beautiful sunrise today.  It's cloudy and overcast, and it's been raining all night.  Such a stark contrast to the sheer beauty of yesterday! Yesterday was a beautiful fall or spring type day, high 50's and just plain gorgeous!  Hubs and I were busy as can be.  We went back to Illinois.

I have to admit, I simply don't miss it.  Even on a beautiful day it was dreary and unwelcoming.  I don't miss the horrid traffic, the rudeness, there is very little I miss about there.  I will miss my yard in the spring, it was perfect for gardening.  I will not miss anything else.

Although we did make the best of the day.  Our twins had given me a gift card for Christmas a few years (yes, it really was 2012) to a local salon. I figured I should probably get around to using it, so while we were over there I made an appointment for a nice trim and a few pampering things.  It was so nice to be pampered for a bit, so much that I can't believe I waited quite so long to use it.  Hubby in typical fashion made friends with the gentleman working the counter and the stylist's next client while waiting.  Sharing coffee and cookies while being a patient loving husband.

His reward, okay mine too, was a visit to Shogun Steakhouse.  I have to admit they really rock the sushi, if you can truly call my favorites sushi (I don't care for any but the veggie).  And he loves their low mien with scallops.  It's probably one of my favorite places to go for really good Asian food.  It really was an awesome way to enjoy a late lunch/early dinner... well... until I discovered Hubs paid to have them celebrate my birthday. Seriously? I mean really?  Drums, a dragon, and a goofy headband with chop sticks.  I can't say I was pleased.  Mainly because my birthday isn't until August.  If he thinks I am going to spend this milestone birthday being embarrassed every time we go out, it's going to be a cook at home only kind of year!

If you know me, know anything about me, then you know I am the family introvert.  And you know I hate to be singled out for anything.  So. Luckily for him they were pretty darn empty at that time in the day.

That man... He's says it's because he loves me so much.  Personally I think he loves to see me turn a shocking shade of hot pink. I have agreed to a small party for my birthday - gives me 7 months to come up with an excuse to not allow it.  But humiliation every time we go out.  No, no, that isn't going to happen.

Today holds the usual cram everything that needs done in the weekend kind of stress.  I woke up so early and as my brain registered my lengthy to do list, I knew I wouldn't be going back to sleep. I gave up when the old pup almost pushed me out of bed wanting to snuggle closer and Hubs started talking.

It's a pot of coffee later and I've gotten two loads of laundry done and the thumb put on a mitten.  I am feeling that it's been a pretty productive morning.  And for all my fiber fanatic friends out there, if you have never knit or crochet with 100% baby alpaca yarn, you are completely missing out on an incredible experience! Make a hat, scarf, mittens... something! It's super soft and such a joy.

Hubs gave up and went back to sleep, who knows when he and the bed hog boy will wake up.  Probably long after me and big guy get back from our morning walk.  Eventually I think I will fix Sunday brunch and plan to complete all of my task list today.  Right now, functioning after a day at work is proving to be a bit of a struggle, so the majority has to happen on the weekends.  I envy those that are able to work part time... Ah a girl can dream...

I hope everyone is having an amazing day, I plan to.