Saturday, January 10, 2015

Those little moments...

I love the unexpected turns in life.  A morning spent with our grand baby definitely makes for a wonderful start to the weekend. It wasn't planned, but nothing tops a short visit that involves a tea party and homemade donuts.  I mean seriously who does not love those silly, simple biscuit donuts?

Hubs is far more mobile now.  Short bursts of time, but it's enjoyable to walk the boys together again.  For the most part he and the old guy are at about the same speed.  Although I had to carry the old guy back again this morning.  The ground on a five degree morning is simply more than his little feet can take.  He knows Mommy will scoop him up and carry him home when they give out from the cold.  But it's beyond pathetic to see the look in those big brown eyes when he's managed to step on whatever they treat the roads with combined with the cold.  By the time I get him home, I feel like I am going to simply collapse, after all he's about 70 pounds of dead, awkward weight.  Anyone that has ever had to carry a basset hound can appreciate what I am saying.  Cause when it's time to be carried the basset half definitely over comes the pit bull side.  Sweet sugar boy.  He's always grateful for the help though.

Our sweet girl was only at the house for a couple of hours this morning.  Long enough for her and Grampa to have a jam session in the man cave - I am fairly sure I heard yodeling.  And for me to be completely traumatized by the new Looney Toons.  When did Daffy become the epitome of a rude, arrogant, nasty, bullying jerk (yeah, I cleaned that up) and Chip and Dale are now a "couple", Porky was the biggest sap - so desperate for friends that he allowed himself to be demeaned and degraded... I can't even describe my feelings about the push over, screw up that Bugs is now... And if I had heard anymore jokes laced so heavily with sexual innuendo I am fairly sure I was going to loose my mind! Since when does the Looney Toon gang need to tell each other "my eyes are up here".  WHAT??

Okay I will admit that it's been a really long time since I watched Looney Toons, a long time.  And I might have been a naive kid.  But... what happened to Bugs playing pranks - a carrot in his hand saying "what's up Doc?" Or stating that he must have taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque? Porky was just a lovable clown always trying to get Petunia's attention.  Chip and Dale were simply two mischievous little chipmunks causing chaos and trouble in the most loveable way. How did they start dressing in suits and acting like two characters from La Cage aux Folle?

I think I asked Hubs to check the channel multiple times, somehow sure we had accidentally stumbled onto some odd adult humored show.  Nope, it was a kids channel.  And they wonder why our babies are not babies for long anymore.  And how they grow up so very fast and doing things that are completely wrong...

I was grateful that the little one's friends came to get her.  That was more than I could take in a morning. Sure sent me off kilter.

Hubs spoiled me a bit and took me to the LYS (local yarn shop) because I definitely need more yarn!  No I don't, but I sure did want some.  I am ready to tackle my next set of stranded knit mittens.  Which I also really don't need, but I simply feel strongly about having.  Besides I am trying to build my skills.  The next set with have a different pattern on the tops and palms, with a braided wrist band.  I cannot wait.  And that baby Alpaca yarn.  So very soft.  Very, very soft, so tempting, so beautiful, so... in the bad at my house!  I do believe I need several more sets of those beautiful Evergreen Lake mittens.  And I was struggling waiting for my order to come from Craftsy... doesn't it figure, it arrived today!

A quick stop by the thrift shop to see my daughter and grand son, he's "volunteering" and she is supporting his efforts.  She is an amazing mom, if I haven't stated that enough.  I am so unbelievably proud of both of them.  He is really coming into his own, and she is there to make sure that he does it with class, style and swagger.  All the while staying on the right path.

After that little visit and some time spent prowling around a great little thrift store we headed home. We had so much fun.  My house hasn't gotten cleaned yet, but I had some amazing family time.  Life is good...