First world problems... my darn phone is giving me fits.  I hate it!  I am not a techno geek, I do not keep up on the latest and greatest. I am pretty much old school central.  If I had a house phone and did not have an almost obsessive compulsion to always be available for my hubby,  kids and grand kids I am fairly positive I would just say toss it and forget it.

This makes me happy... phone... not so much
I dread when a phone starts to fail because that leads to a whole mess of problems that I absolutely do not want to deal with!  The first thing being finding a new phone.  Like I said, I do not keep up on the latest and greatest.  And can honestly say my first phone which was $49.99 is the most expensive phone I have ever bought.  I always search the site for those free to $.99 phones. I despise the thought of paying so much for a phone.  Especially when I already pay so much a month for the privilege of constant connection.

This is not a great start to my Friday.  It feels like just one more jab in my already cranky state about current affairs and life.  It's a stark reminder to me that I have allowed so many outside influences to intrude into my bubble.

So... do I need to go with a smart phone?  I will admit there are a few apps that have made my life easier, but they aren't really something I cannot live without.  I will also own up to the fact that I love having my camera ready at a moments notice, but I actually own two really wonderful camera's and could carry one with me without too many struggles. And truthfully does life really need to be recorded all the time? Probably the only thing I would really miss is the convenience of texting and connecting easily. I cannot stand texting on a flip phone... drives me crazy.

I am not an apple fan, which is why I do not own an iPhone, or an i-anything for that matter.  I had an iPod Nano that was given to me by the hubs as a gift... I can tell you that it was pretty much wasted money.  It's like new - probably used once or twice - I also cannot stand anything forcing music into my ears and I am not really sure where it is since we've moved.  He meant well, he was trying to make my bike rides more enjoyable.  He's the guy that needs constant sounds, so it's tough for him to relate to my need for silence.

So I am back at my original struggle... I will need to replace my phone, unfortunately as I still reside in this crazy, connected, communicative world I require one.  I need it for work, I want it to be connected to my family and friends.

I don't know what kind, style or well anything else.  I simply know it is a need that I will have to face.  Once I have faced it and made that ugly decision then comes the tough part.  Learning a new phone!!  I hate technology.  Hubs will be a doll and print me out the users manual, he will probably email it to me also.  I won't read it.  I will look up the key things I need to know.  I won't care about all the bells and whistles or the fact that it can do somersaults if I train it right (okay I admit that is a bit snarky)...  Why can't they make a smart phone for people like me.  I am not going to ever use most of the stuff it comes loaded with.  I want my basics, the stuff I need daily.  The rest of it, no thanks.

I don't want to play games on my phone.  I don't need an app for every aspect of my life.  I want my address book, my Facebook, my banking, my work stuff, my crafting stuff and that is about all I need. Oh I guess I do adore Google maps... I can honestly tell you there is stuff on my phone I have never once considered opening, don't know how it works and don't intend to learn.  That is simply how I am.

In my world, in my first world kind of problems, this is a disaster!  It will require far more effort than I want to give it.  And far more energy that I feel like wasting.  Why can things simply not be made to last? I have socks that I wear constantly, that I knit with great care that have lasted longer than a cell phone does.

This gray overcast day goes very well with my mood over this latest development... Well if you are trying to reach me by cell phone for the next little bit... please be aware the silly thing might not be working... you might need to try a different method.

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