Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome 2015...

Well hello... it's been many years since I actually stayed up to welcome a new year usually I am fast asleep long before Father Time leaves making way for that fresh little infant the Baby New Year.  I decided to make an exception for you. I have very high hopes for you, and I decided I would welcome you with open arms, a gentle heart and plenty of good wishes.

Hello... we're excited to meet you...

2015, you and I have a lot to rejoice over together.  This is the year that I turn 50.  A full half century will have passed since I joined this silly group we call people. And I fully intend to celebrate this year and all it means.  What a cool milestone.  One that not everyone is guaranteed, now mind you that you are simply one of many, so don't go getting greedy on me.

Today has been a day of getting acquainted.  After that brief welcoming flirtation, I fully did not intend to deepen the relationship until much, much later in the morning today. And at 6:08 am when my phone chirped to life I am sure you were not at all flattered by the words that left my lips.  I do hope you won't hold a grudge.  I didn't.  My sweet little grand baby needed her Grandma's time.  That isn't asking too much.  After chatting with her and walking the boys, well frankly I gave up on going back to sleep.  Too many things to get accomplished today.  Our courtship needed to begin.

Four hours of sleep is simply not enough mom... we'll wait here...

Now I don't believe in New Years Resolutions.  Personally they feel like you are working hard to identify things that others have made you feel you were lacking in and that you should somehow change who you are. Who needs a list of things that you know need attention, but evidently aren't top priority or you would have already started them.  Not a fan of being set up for failure.

That being said, it never hurts to reflect, to take a serious look at yourself and see if you are happy with that person in the mirror.  And if not, to seriously ask yourself why or why not.  I tend to do this in September, that always felt like the start for me, the beginning, probably because the kids were heading back to school. But with the way last year ended up playing out, frankly I am behind the curve on accomplishing that little task.

Having spent the better part of the last two weeks at home, enjoying my kids, my grands, Hubby and the boys.  Focusing solely on what makes me and my heart happy, has led me down an interesting path.  I feel more balanced and focused than I have for a very long time.  I am feeling a lot of resolve and have been making decisions that for better are worse are what I need from life.

I won't make any resolutions, but I am making a pledge to myself.

2015 is the year to be better, it is going to be a time for me to focus more on putting life into perspective and focusing on what truly brings me joy.  I would say that is a good way to begin my 50th year.  Focusing on the people that bring me love and happiness be they family or friends.  Re-evaluating those people that don't. And figuring out if they truly belong in my life, and if not, being strong and brave enough to let them go.

I spend a lot of energy and time developing my professional skills, while pushing aside the ones that I hold dear to me personally.  I have wanted to try several new skills for years, and I always push it aside, there is never any time.  My limited energy resources have been sucked dry by life.  Hubby bought me some classes from Craftsy for Christmas.  And I am working on developing my skills, because it brings me joy. What is the point of having all the toys you have ever wanted if you never do anything with them?

Stranded colorwork with a turned hem... the start of something great!

The Hubs sure started 2015 out strong, I almost fainted when he came down the stairs fully clothed, including shoes and socks.  He was released from in home "restriction" yesterday.  The in-home therapist feels that he has healed enough that it is safe for him to begin the next phase of his rehab.  So while he is still unable to return to work, he cannot sit or walk for long at all, he is working really hard at recovery.  I am really proud of him.  He's resting now, probably wishing I would finish this and come to bed.

So 2015... I think we have a mutual understanding... at least I hope so.  As my little old pup just came down the stairs to point out to mom that I have not come to bed in a timely manner and my eyes are drifting shut... I plead with you, can we work together for a little more balance, a lot more love and a dash of fun adventure thrown in?  I'm game if you are...