Saturday, January 17, 2015

I don't understand...

What a beautiful day, the sunshine, the soft breeze, the fun times running errands with hubby.  It was the perfect kind of day for kicking back and just enjoying time.  

Funny watching hubs and I walking.  My left knee/ankle is giving me fits again (they never did figure all of it out - partially torn Achilles and 6 months in a walking boot - never did make it go away), so I am favoring my left leg.  He is doing so much better, but when he starts getting tired he favors the right. We strongly resembled a pair of webbols wobbling along as we got tired.  

Between his cabin fever and my desire to get all the errands done so I can stay at home in my jammies all day yesterday we probably pushed ourselves a bit much.  As he's already headed to bed, yes it is 7:30 pm and I am sitting here with my poor leg elevated and it cussing me.  

The past week was a tough one, it has led to many thought processes and action steps that will cause changes.  They have to.  So today was about catching up.  Planning. And enjoying quality time with the hubs!

As we watched the sun setting tonight marveling at all the different colors in the sky, depending on which way we turned. To the east... gorgeous pinks, against the Aegean blue, punctuated by the snap of the flag waving in the wind. A turn to the west showed us a display of deep orange shooting up like a flame against the darker clouds rolling in. It was a spectacular end to our travels today. 

By the time we got home hubs was hungry.  Being exhausted I suggested tomato soup and grilled cheese, who doesn't love that combo.  The staple of our youth, perfect for a crisp day.  Wrapped in the nostalgia of the day, the cool breezy air, the silliness with hubby, it seemed perfect. 

As I washed the soup down the sink, my disappointment knew no boundaries. What in the world has happened to Campbell's tomato soup?  I will be depositing quite a few cans at the local food pantry.  When did it become orange?  That color was beautiful in the sunset, it is awesome in a beautiful orange, a mango or papaya, I love it in butternut squash, cantaloupe, sweet potatoes or pumpkin .  But tomato soup?  I am sorry, but no, it is not a color for tomato soup.  As we both looked at the mess in our bowls, wondering where our childhoods went, we decided to look at the label.  

Mistake number two. Tomato paste concentrate?  High Fructose Corn Syrup?  Neither of those instilled confidence. All those things I couldn't pronounce... well my heart sure was sinking lower. When I hit the word "flavor", I realized I was done.  What kind of flavor do you feel you need to add to tomato soup? Shouldn't the tomato's provide the flavor? The picture on the label showed a deep rich looking red soup, my bowl contained an orange flavorless blah.  I was done. 

I've given up tonight.  I fed the dog, yes miss b "your dog", my grilled cheese - what's the point without a warm tomato soup to dip it into.  Refilled my water, popped a couple of Aleve hoping it takes some of the ouch out of that knee and lower leg before I growl anymore.  And sat down.  I wasn't really hungry, after those few bites I really am not hungry. It's time to search for a great tomato soup recipe.  Sure wish that little shop on Washington Ave was still in business, theirs was the best.  Although tonight its time to simply stop.  I will go to bed shortly.  My silly body is hurting, my mind might love the temperature swings, my FMS does not.  The exhaustion of the week has worn me out.  I believe I will wake up and try to face a different day tomorrow....