Well Surprise! Surprise!!

I could become accustom to this!
 Maybe it was the early morning fire, maybe it was the coffee there by it, but yesterday was great!  I was very unstressed and focused.  I got so much accomplished at work, not as much as I wanted, but it was a balanced day. 

Wednesday, Jun 12, 2013 -- You think you know what's best when it comes to your schedule, yet you're willing to suddenly discard your current plan if the right temptation comes along today. Unfortunately, your friends don't help your situation by encouraging you to join them on their amazing adventures. Nevertheless, you long for some excitement and might just say yes if an invitation arrives when you are ready to escape. Remember, your work will still be waiting when you return.

That was my horoscope yesterday.  I didn't see it until late in the day, at which point all I could do was laugh! Around eleven I had left my office for a few minutes.  When I came back I saw a coffee sitting in the middle of my desk and asked everyone "my husband been here?" as he is known for putting a hot coffee or tea on my desk when I leave.  No one replied, but I didn't think anything of it, and pulled my chair out to sit back down and get back to work. 

Silly girls!  Make me smile!
I about jumped out of my skin as two beautiful girls jumped out from under my desk!  Yep, my sweet girls had decided to surprise me!  They had been downtown at an appointment and stopped by so we could go to lunch.  Those are the greatest surprises!!

I had planned to work through lunch, even though I was teaching last night and would be there late, there are times that I feel like I am always running backwards.  It didn't take much for me to change my mind!  I mean come on when two cuties will go through that much trouble to make you smile... how can you not! Besides now that they have moved I simply don't get to see them often enough.  I miss them!

It was a great lunch, the diversion was just enough to make the afternoon less stressful (even though some were intent on making me crazy!), and as my horoscope ultimately reminded me - the work was still there when I got back.

Only two of my quilters were able to make it last night, but it was nice.  It ended up being just Sandy and I for the last 45 minutes and we got to spend some serious time working on her runner.  I enjoyed it.

My evening ended having dinner with two of my most favorite men, sitting around the table talking about an odd assortment of things.  Summer trips, interview questions, finding out that I am absolutely stupid about anything computer related and just enjoying the evening. 

This morning started with another fire and coffee... I hope it brings me just as wonderful of a day... Although I did squeeze in a bit of gardening today, wow... hope that doesn't disrupt the energy flow from the fire and coffee...

...nah... just another great start to a beautiful day! Have a great one!!

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