Unplugging it!

The rain is pouring down outside.  It is the perfect end to a nearly perfect, relaxing day.  I realized early today, that I have been spending way to much time lately online.  All my spare minutes I have spent zoning out playing mindless games on the computer.  I know that is my way of dealing when I get overwhelmed and start doing without sleep.  This morning my internal alarm decided to wake me up at 3 am, another sign I need to back up and slow down.  When I start overloading I have odd coping mechanisms. 

At 3:45 am I gave up and got up.  All I could think was that it is Saturday and I am up before the sun.  I was so disappointed.  Popped open the laptop and zoned out to silly mindless games.  By 4:30 am I was so sleepy I decided to lay back down.  I'd been thinking about the way I was running from facing things, I needed to sleep.

I finally woke up at 9:30 .  I can't remember the last time I slept that late. It was amazing! Out of habit, I grabbed my laptop.  No..... that wasn't what I wanted.  Instead I grabbed a cup of coffee and headed downstairs.  Hubby was down there in the man cave zoning out himself.   After visiting for a bit, I decided to tackle some stuff in the sewing room. Hubby started quilting his quilt, his patience getting short.

The twins showed back up just before he completely lost his patience, talk about timing.  After a morning of pancakes and being silly, the youngest pulled up a movie.  Subconsciously, all of us stopped.  Dishes can wait, computers put away, it became a veg day. 

Gator has spent the entire day laying on his girl.  She would be the only one I am at risk of ever losing him to.  He's loved her since he first met her. We've alternated spots, played musical chairs.  I have been working on needlework, glancing periodically at the television.  Movie day or not I cannot sit through that. 

So far it's been an eclectic mix, we started with Shutterfly (slightly twisted), Crooked Man (Hubby picked), next up was The Sound of Music (I have never seen it - don't judge - and hubby has been trying to force me for several years...) and they are now watching Fast Five.  I hit my max with The Sound of Music (pretty darn good)... and my hands were starting to remind me I am not a youngster any longer. 

While Dad and youngest continued their movie marathon, I tackled Hubby's quilt.  I want my frame back and he is simply not comfortable with my machine. The first row of blocks is done... I am thrilled with how it looks, hopefully he is too.

It was nice to unplug.  I didn't give the NSA anything to do today.  I simply enjoyed stopping. I didn't tackle my to do list, I simply didn't, I just stopped.  As I listen to the rain and get ready to crawl into bed, I am cherishing this gift.

How did you savor this day?

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