May I rant for a moment??

Technology stinks!  Hubby has been waiting forever for a new grill, he probably has the only Weber Kettle on crutches ever! He's had it for about 30 years, he has definitely gotten his money worth.  Ten years ago we gave it a facelift and replaced some of it's parts.  We bought it another decade, but it has now reached the point of no return.  It was time to replace it.

We both like to grill, so we spent a lot of time planning and researching.  Studying, shopping, and testing, etc.  Finally last night, we decided. We found a made in the USA (one of the things important to us) Huntington, that had great reviews on all the sites we checked.  Very sturdy.  Hubby was a happy guy, it only took us 40 minutes to put it together and the steaks were marinating.

Followed all the steps, carefully double checked, lit it and waited.  And waited, and waited, it never got above 300 degrees.  Steaks don't sear well at that temperature.  We tried everything, but being a Sunday night and after eight p.m. by then there was no support from the hotline.  I finally resorted to cooking it all inside.  It was good, it could have been better.

In an hour or so I will call them, see if they have any information or way to help me get this thing working right.

My frustration level just keeps getting higher and higher.  It seems no one puts quality first in their work.  When you buy anything, it doesn't matter what you spend, it almost always has a flaw or something to over come or deal with. When did it become okay for quality to no longer matter?  What kind of a society are we that we cannot focus on the small stuff to insure the big stuff isn't so big?

Time has value, I realize there are a lot of folks that don't feel that way.  I do! I work a lot of hours, too many honestly, but you do what you need to do.  The main reason we bought a gas grill over charcoal was because of the time factor.  And now, I need to find time to get it working right or it is a waste of money.

There are other things on my Monday morning to do list, although they just got shoved aside.  I want hubby and son to be able to have burgers on the grill tonight.  I am hoping it is an easy fix, I am wishing that it wasn't needed at all. 

People complain that stuff isn't made in the USA any longer, that people will not pay more for quality and durability.  I don't want to be part of a throw away society, I want to support jobs here in the USA.  But his is the second time this has happened in as many months.  I am feeling so frustrated.  I want quality and I will pay a few extra dollars.  I wasn't expecting 30 years out of this grill, I also was not expecting issues straight out of the box.

Okay, enough ranting... on the plus side I get to learn how to repair a gas grill and add that to my skill set!  And when I am successful hubby and son both get a good dinner while I am at work.  Yep, it will be a win/win!  And I still supported American jobs by buying made in the USA! And if I fail... there is always a basic Weber kettle on crutches until I fix it!

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