Saturday, June 8, 2013

taking time...

Slowing down, hubby grilling....
It's only 7 AM on a Saturday morning and the silence of the morning is already gone.  I am sitting  in my comfy chair with the sun rise shining through the stained glass window.  Just an hour ago it was peaceful and quiet.  The only sounds were the boys prancing around the house on the tile floor and the big kitty purring in my ear.  Coffee brewing and the clocks ticking.  It was so peaceful, such a nice way to ease into the day.

Fast forward an hour and the silence is shattered almost non-stop by the cars rushing past.  Where is everyone going? And why are they in such a hurry to get there?

I am savoring this morning.  Sipping my coffee, talking to you, it is my first almost completely whatever I want weekend in far too long.  I guess whatever I want... might be a bit of a stretch, more like whatever I need to do weekend.  And I am excited for it!

I am not in a hurry to get there, unlike the folks rushing past outside.  I am taking a leisurely stroll to the finish line today.  For now Zorro and I are curled up in my chair.  Soon I will clean up the house, run to the parts store to finally fix that silly lawn mower that I accidentally broke at the end of the season last year.  Hubby and I will tune up both mowers.  I want to pick up my bedding plants and finally get all of my beds in.  It's supposed to be beautiful today, perfect for putting in some soil and plants.

I am going to pull all of the radishes and start over.  I need to do a bit of radish research, I never had problems with them until about three years ago.  Now the darn things bolt to seed almost non-stop.  I hardly harvest any and frankly it is really making me mad.  I have switched beds, seeds, types, you name it and followed the directions to a T, something I rarely do... still no radishes.  Not a happy feeling!

Maybe today we will even start the green house... hmmmm... the possibilites are stretched out before us and endless today!  I love it!  Or maybe I could spray paint the old grill and plant flowers in it as my aunt suggested, or sand and paint the outside freezer shocking yellow with a huge flower on it like I have been dreaming of doing for so long. Or, or, or... Oh my I might just make myself giddy like a kid on Christmas with all the fun stuff I want to tackle.  I love working on my yard.  Maybe hubby and I can pick up the red paint for the shed, it's sunny and nice... although there is a chance of rain.  Maybe we should wait until next weekend for that... it's supposed to be beautiful next weekend!

Tomorrow we are expecting more rain and storms, I think most of the inside stuff will wait until then.  Tomorrow we can make soap, put hubby's quilt on the long arm, start a few of my projects... tomorrow will be for hiding inside, today will be for the sunshine!

I can't be the only one that day dreams about how to spend their weekends.  I find that lately I am working so much that I push the stuff that makes me smile off into a corner and just veg when I have a moment to stop.  I need to get that back into balance.  It was making me a crabby person yesterday.  I was so angry at the world, and for no reason.  Just that I was tired and hadn't been creative in a very, very long time.

This morning, I feel refreshed - no not from a good nights sleep - my Gator boy is having some serious mommy I miss you issues, so he slept on me.  But simply from knowing that I have just over 48 hours that belong to me!  Time to make my house feel like a home again, not a way station.  Time to spoil all my boys and that silly girl too.  I love being wife and mom, last night fixing dinner and doing wife and mom stuff I slowly started feeling human again.  I have 48 hours to enjoy my family, my home, and my yard. To slow down, maybe even sit by a fire.  I am so excited about it I can't hardly breath.

I don't know why we hurry so much anymore, I don't understand how we allow the scales to be unbalanced, but we do.  I raise my coffee to a glorious day of me time!!! How are you spending your 48 hours?