Stitch and Rip...

Hubby looking at the Smoke Tree during our walk yesterday
It's one of those days... The kind that makes me want to stay curled up in my overstuffed chair with a steaming cup of coffee, working on my quilt blocks.  Maybe it was waking up to the news - which is never good lately.  Or maybe it's the weather forecast, thunderstorms always bring out a nesting instinct in me. 

Oh I won't be, I have a busy day planned out ahead of me, but I seriously would love to kick back and do it. 

My quilting class last night was so fun, we really spent some quality time on each quilt, chatting and working together.  V's two quilts are finally finished and next week I will help her start to tie each one.  I love that they all picked a different way to finish them. It is wonderful to watch all the different personal choices in layout, sewing and quilting create such different quilts. 
Prepping for tying
S has just gotten in so deeply, that I am certain before long she will be leading the class.  She made a beautiful table runner and quilted it already, at home.  She is working on a slightly more challenging one in class. This weekend she is signed up to take an applique class at a local sewing center.  As soon as she believes us about her skills, she is going to be unstoppable. 

Beautiful table runner coming to life!
Hubby is making great progress on his, but I didn't manage to get a picture last night.  He was really in the groove. I don't know if he noticed last night or not, but I did as I was helping him pin the rows together, that his stitches and seams are getting so uniform and straight.  They matched up perfectly. He struggles a bit with the pinning, because various accidents over the years have left him with limited feeling and use of his left hand, so pinning and sometimes rotary cutting are a challenge.  He was thinking about what to do for his next project last night, and I have to admit, I am kind of excited about the idea.  In fact I am very excited about the idea, I love the way his mind works sometimes (insert wicked laugh here)!

I did a bit of ironing on my blocks, but the needle never touched the fabric. It was tough not to, but when I am leading the class I rarely stay still for a few minutes.

I have found I dearly look forward to quilting with the group on Tuesday's. I hope each will continue to come.  When I started the quilting group, it was to raise revenue, my "goal" was to increase the revenue column on my end of months doing something I love.  It was a combination of need meeting want and a hope. 

Now... I can tell you if our group stops coming I am going to miss it dreadfully!  I enjoy chatting with them, sharing stories of quilts in our families past and present.  I learn so much each week.  I feel like part of a community, I hope we can grow it.  Isn't it considered magic when you can combine work and passions?  I was exhausted by the afternoon yesterday, by class time I was excited and full of energy.

I wonder if today will have magic?  For now I need to get ready, this storm means we will have to leave a bit earlier for work. 

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