Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It's hot out there...

92? Heat index in the 100's?  WHAT? How did that happen?  I hate the heat, I am not a fan at all.  And that is what I wake up to this morning.  I am quite disturbed by that. Today wasn't going to be a positive, fun, upbeat day anyhow.  And now this??  YUCK!  Not only do I have a dentist appointment that is going to stink, but I have to be hot on top of it.  There is simply no words to describe my dislike of this. 

I'm not ready!  Last night was so cool and refreshing, it's hard to fathom this beautiful cool morning is giving way so much yuck.  I knew it would be coming when they were talking about the heat in California, Nevada and Arizona.  Knew it was going to slam into us, and it isn't even the heat I dislike so much, it is the humidity.  Nothing quite like mid-west humidity.

I think I am trying to focus on the weather to ignore the rest of the news.  Nothing quite like hearing that 14 people were shot in a combination of shootings in North St. Louis and one in South St. Louis.  I am trying to rationalize the insane direction this country as a whole seems to be going in.  14 shot, one stabbed, and for what?

We have so many crazy things going on nationally, it's terrifyingly Orwellian.  Honestly makes me wonder how American's Most Wanted seem to hide so well, cripes everyone knows everything about everyone.  I mean seriously, Google something and immediately everything you do online all the sudden has ads for it all.   But we seem to have criminals hiding in plain sight. 

I am tired of hearing it is a liberal or conservative problem.  I am so very tired of it all.  It is an American problem. 

I was reading a few articles the other day, and was disturbed to hear that when "Obamacare" goes into effect, after seventy you will only be offered "comfort care" not "life saving care".  Excuse me?  What disturbed me more was during a conversation with a group of friends the number of people who felt that was okay.  Granted they were all in their late 20's early 30's, I guess they aren't close enough to that number to feel bothered by what they were supporting.  Someone even said to me, "well we are over-populated, and they are a drain on society"... excuse me??  This came from someone who readily identifies themselves as a liberal "the caring and concerned people" - their quote not mine.

 My parents are both 70, and they are not a drain on society.  Sorry, I'm going to be a bit controversial here but I can think of a ton more people at or over 70 that have contributed far more to our society than the large groups of "homeless by choice" people that I drive past on my way to work each day. Or the people in our jails and prisons that are being given transplants and life saving procedures on a daily basis.   Seriously?  As long as I pay for my insurance I really don't think anyone should have a say in my care but me and my doctor. Ugghhh...

Why is everything so insane anymore?  Nationally we are imploding, locally we seem to be exploding and it seems like no one cares.  I am scared.  I am afraid that the country that I have always been proud to call my own is rapidly becoming something that looks nothing like what our founding fathers planned out. 

Yeah, I think it might be best to focus on the heat.  The naturally occurring phenomenon is easier to focus on and accept - even grudgingly.  Than to try to understand the rational behind shooting people, taking what isn't yours, spying, causing chaos because of your beliefs, trying to take God out of everything, being condemned for being a conservative, or slammed for being liberal, without looking at all sides of that particular coin...

I wish we could all stop for a minute and see that we are all really more alike than we are different, some are more tolerant (or so they think - they are usually the first to point out how intolerant others are - yes this cracks me up!), some are more careful, some more gentle, some more crass... but actually we are all just people, trying to survive this crazy world and to care about all those around us while we do it.

Yep... It's gonna be hot and humid today in the mid-west... how about where you live?