Monday, June 10, 2013

Did ya ever?

Seriously Mom??  It's raining!
Do you ever have one of those days?  The ones where you wake up positive, happy and ready to take on the world and everyone around you does not?  I am definitely having one of those days! I struggled to decide to write today, my cheerfulness is rapidly trying to wash away with the rain that is falling. 

I lounged around a bit this morning, listening to NPR instead of just letting it wake me up.  I knew I wasn't really in a hurry today, as I work late tonight, so I have some down time this morning.  Which is an ironic way to put it.  Because I tend to spend my Monday mornings reveling in being a housewife.

I think Hubby woke up on the wrong side of the bed... he seems surly and grouchy this morning.  Facebook is making him so angry lately it isn't funny, and I don't have any idea how to make it stop what it is doing.  I am not a techno geek.  I have a basic Window's phone. I only access a few of the features. I barely use all the stuff on my laptop.  It just isn't my thing, there was a time - it was long ago.  So sadly I can't really  help him. Heck I can't even answer his phone for him, I have no idea how it works!

Then the darn ants (did I mention we live in the mid-west) decided to devour the tuna we set down for the cats.  I have been trying really hard to not use chemicals to kill them off this year.  I actually feel that we have had less of an invasion this year, but I definitely could just be being optimistic.  Hubby's patience with my "experiment" is definitely wearing thin...

Even the dogs seem to be grouchy this morning.  Gator isn't a fan of the weather, at all, he would be a great Florida dog.  The weather should get into the 90's this week... he will be absolutely in heaven. Me not so much! Heck even chicken strips didn't make him happier with what he saw outside.

Maybe it is because it is Monday, maybe it is the rain.  I am not sure...

I am in a good mood, I am trying to stay there.  In the past two hours I have already managed to detail the kitchen, do two loads of laundry and iron the first batch of clothes.  I am getting ready to plant some more strawberry plants, and if the rain lets up weed the beds that are producing.  I don't have time this morning to tackle the other beds.  I will make hubby a nice lunch, maybe that will help turn his day back around.

I want to deliver a couple of bags of stuff we have cleaned out to Savers.  I used to be a big supporter of Goodwill, but they have been disappointing me a bit. Besides Savers donates to the Vietnam Veterans of America.  A group that means a great deal to us, as my sweet hubby proudly served his country there.

It feels great to spend my Monday mornings taking care of my real world.  I cherish the time that I have to take care of my home and family.  Usually I feel rushed, Monday, I feel nurturing.  I feel that I have those moments I need. 

I think I found my cheerfulness again, my purpose feels cemented again.  Happy Monday everyone!!