Presenting... Perfection!!

As a mom it is so wonderful to watch your children grow into their own, to watch them truly spread their wings and fly!  I watched that yesterday... I had a ring side seat to watching my daughter finally spread her wings and soar like an eagle.

She has been slowly coming into her own the past few years.  I have had to sit by and watch the heart wrenching growing pains.  I have had to sit on my hands and bite my tongue when I really wanted to hold her tight and wrap my arms around  her and protect her.  It has been such a long torturous journey for both of us.  I have seen her hurt in more ways than any mother ever wants to watch.   I have had to watch her small journey's into happiness get destroyed by selfish, uncaring jerks.

Yesterday, it was amazing!  She officially launched her future yesterday.  The ribbon cutting on the next phase.  Hubby and I went out on Friday to help her wrap up a few loose ends, and then a bit early yesterday to insure everything was just right.  Our house warming present to her was a BBQ grill, and hubby finished putting it together just before the first guests arrived.

Grand baby was so excited and enjoyed munching on the cupcakes I made for her.  She had invited one of her friends to enjoy the day with her.

The change I have seen in both of my girls in the past few months has been so wonderful.  It's been like watching a two beautiful flowers burst into bloom.  Gradual at first, then boom!!  Beauty unsurpassed! Their eyes sparkle, they laugh, they are at peace together just the two of them. Add a few good friends, sunshine, BBQ and a party spread to rival any others, and it is unbelievable to see! Brighter than the biggest fireworks on the darkest nights.

I am sure that celebration lasted well into the night... once the "old people" left I have no doubt that the assembled group of friends laughed, giggled, talked and played into the wee hours of the morning.  It was wonderful to see all those people that cherish my girl for who she is.  The ones that aren't there for what she can give them, but for the person she is to them.

She has a strong, warm, caring heart.  She will make time for them, talk them off their personal cliffs, do whatever she can to build them up as people.  She is real, she is genuine, those gathered yesterday know that.  They know she is bold and will speak her mind.  They know that what comes out of her mouth could make you cringe with the reality of it. They value her for who she is and who they are when they are with her.

As we drove away last night, I knew that we had watched an incredible launch of a new phase in her life. We were thankful to have had a supporting role in her world.  I sure do love my girls, and I am so proud of both of them!!

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