Friday, June 7, 2013


Was it a full moon for the past few days?  Hovering permanently over this crazy world?  It sure seems it.  Since Wednesday it has seemed that the crazy level has been a little amped up.  Doesn't matter if it is walking down the street, driving to work, watching, reading or listening to the news.  It's just seems nuts!

I can't tell  you how many times we have almost been hit driving to and from work, folks seem to have forgotten what a turn signal is for. They are driving like they are playing one of those silly racing video games.  Speeding, cutting people off, not turning their head before turning their steering wheel.  Or worse they are looking at their cell phones, doing their make up or futzing with something else all the while driving at "warp speed".  Everyone is simply in too big a hurry.

Driving home last night we had the misfortune of being near a mini van, I am not sure what his issue was.  But Mr. Navy Blue Mercury are you even aware that you were swerving and cutting people off?  That you missed hitting a semi by mere inches and made him lock up his breaks on the bridge? We finally passed you, you seemed to be more intent on looking in the rear view mirror and talking to whoever was in the backseat, all the while speeding up.


The milder temperatures and five shelters in a 10 block radius have attracted so many more homeless people to the Downtown area. So many of those people truly do not want a different life.  They simply want more and more to be given to them and to not have the responsibilities of being part of society. So panhandling is starting to get active, the aggression when they aren't handed what they want is elevating. It's a well known fact around these parts that other city's export their homeless and challenged to St. Louis on one way bus passes because of these shelters.  It makes it hard to enjoy a beautiful city, when you can't even walk down sidewalks.  When driving is all but impossible because folks are simply walking in the streets and refusing to move, or darting out between cars simply because...


Then the local news had a huge story about one of the aldermen.  It was mind boggling, despite the fact that his daughter had already received scholarships and grants to attend a very pricy private college in Chicago, he didn't seem to feel it was his responsibility to pay for the remaining $14K, instead he sent letters to all his constituents, businesses in his area, etc asking for donations to pay for it.  For decades he's been an alderman someone that should have been serving his community and here he is basically shaking them down for personal gain - and he feels it is right and fair.


And all of that is simply local... not even taking into consideration the national insanity where something new hits the news daily!

Tempers all around me have been shorter, everyone seems edgy and tense.  There seems to be a flippant disregard for everyone and everything.  I am not understanding it.  I am confused.

Is it simply that we are getting so busy we are forgetting to care?  Are we losing our sense of humanity in the midst of all the hurry and hustle?

So many good things happened this week... We had a quilting class, I ordered candles from a local artist, we managed to have time with our family for dinner each night (even if it was after 9 pm), exciting changes were announced at work, it's been sunny and mild... somewhere in all the insanity, there shimmers the goodness... I hope the craziness doesn't snuff out that goodness...