happy birthday, my heart!

Good Morning Tuesday!

It's a dreary, cloudy, icky day outside.  Would be perfect for a fire and my coffee and I sit around this morning enjoying my "me" time before I head off to work.  The Hubs even has it ready for me.

One match...

Not happening today.

I am busy cooking up some Sweet and Sour Spareribs for a lunch time celebration!

Today is one of the "B's" birthday!!  I will gladly give up down time to celebrate her always!

This one is my special "B"... She's more than any words that could ever describe her.  I personally feel about her like I feel about the Hubs.  There are people in this life that we are meant to encounter, that make us whole.  She is one of those people for me.

She's been a part of my world far longer than I can remember, even though it hasn't been many years.  I remember the day I met her, clear as a picture on the wall.  I remember falling in love with this amazing soul instantly.  I cannot remember how many years its been, because it feels like she's always been there.

When either of us is on vacation - I miss her.  I can't imagine not having her in my life.  And as I know she is reading this... Don't even think about making me find out!!

She is one of the most genuine, loving, caring, thoughtful, amazing women that the Lord ever put on this planet.  Heck, I even share the Hubs with her!  Although... she does get stuck with the hoodlum side of him. They both share a love of wicked jokes, they are pranksters and always looking for the fun in everything they do.  When he's a poo... I tell her that is her half of the Hubs.

She is one of the very few people I have ever let close.  I tend to keep a bit of a wall up... It's the military brat in me.  She knows my secrets, my stories, my life.  She's dried my tears, comforted me, sat in the hospital with me while I was losing my mind.  She was one of the first I called when my son-in-law died.  I remember sitting up at night with her talking on the phone when her baby brother was sick and she was scared.

This silly, little dynamo has run soothing fingers over my swollen leg, scolded me to the point I expected a switch, ranted and raved with me when life has been just a pain in the... well lets leave it at that.

She is always there for me.  I don't know if I deserve someone in my life that is so amazing, I am not sure that I am worthy.  She is as much a part of my life as my own mother and father.  There are times I feel like she is a mom to me, other times she is my sister, then she is my best friend, or maybe she is simply my heart.

We've spent hours sitting on my deck, talking and enjoying the wild life.  We've laughed over the fact that siren's aren't a typical sound out where I live.  I've worried about her, threatened to kidnap her and force her to live out here in the 'burbs, knowing full well that her city heart would never be able to handle the culture shock.  She only enjoys the deer and critters in small doses.

I have watched her over the years, and been amazed.  She is tough and loving all in one breath.

And my most fieriest protector, supporter, mentor and friend.

There are very few people that I will create for, most don't value and appreciate what it means.  The hours of work and often the very cost.  Too many see those types of gifts as "homemade", as less than.  They don't cherish them.  She does.  She knows that a handmade gift is made with love, that the hours that went into it were many.  She either wears or uses those gifts with love and pride.  I feel bad that this year's gift is store bought.  I think she will like it anyhow.

She is all these things and more, and not just for me.  Just yesterday I watched her spend a few minutes with one of the homeless men.  Life has beaten him up, she is lifting him up.  They were looking on Amazon, he's hurt his back and needs a back support, she is finding a way to help him get it.  She's that kind of person.

This morning when I called to wish her happy birthday, she reminded me that another of our dear friends and his wife both needed a few extra prayers today.

With her for a role model, the sky is the limit! I will never be as good, loving, caring or kind as she is, but I will definitely keep trying to make her proud!

I am so blessed to get to celebrate her!

Nothing I can give will ever be equal to what she means to me.

Although, soon I will drag her back out to the 'burbs, we will spend a wonderful evening sitting on the deck looking up at the stars and maybe even a few hours by the fireplace.  Laughing, talking, sharing, dreaming and sipping a coke with single barrel...

I love you my dear sweet "B"... thank you so much for being a part of my life!!

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