Etiquette...don't we teach it anymore?

Day two of doctor imposed exile.

Maybe it's the beautiful sunrise.

Maybe it's the crackling fire Hubs built before leaving.

Or maybe my temper tantrum is over.

At any rate I feel like a human being again.  No wine, cheese or olives were required to bring me back to center.  In fact I can't even credit a good night's sleep, thanks to the moron that felt the need to call the house at 9:48 pm.

I am fairly positive that most adults over say 30 were raised that you simply didn't call a non-family, non-best friend, non-close personal friend after 8 pm unless it were life or death or something of great importance. I can assure you that unless the message I had left for anyone involved the words call me any time day or night, I will not be pleasant if you call me at 9:48 PM.

That is not to say if my children, grand children, family members, friends or people that I am close to called me any time of the day or night I would not stop everything, wake out of a deep sleep or whatever to be there for them. Because that is exactly what would happen.

But... and this is the huge hairy gorilla in the room... if you are someone I would avoid talking to during waking hours... well I can assure you I do not want to be woken up hearing your drunken, loud voice echoing in my bed room when I am not the person on the phone with you.

Needless to say, it was a short night.

I am one of those people that once I am fully awakened at night, and I was when "the nighttime message returning couldn't respect that people were sleeping and continued to talk for about twenty minutes moron" called, I don't have the ability to fall right back asleep.

Bonus for the caller, and one of the few reasons I am only slightly upset, is that I hobbled across the hall to keep from saying the wrong thing and started digging through some knitting project bags in my sewing room. Remember I am working on finishing all those UFO's this year.

Sitting there in the semi-silence, stewing like an old wet hen, I propped my leg up and started sorting through. I found that beautiful blue sweater that I had started, evidently four years ago.  I know this now, because as I was cleaning out the bag it was in, I found folded up with the pattern my end of work notes on my international trivia event from 2012.  It seemed like only a few months had passed, not a few years.

Luckily it is a very timeless pattern.  So the fact that it will be entering my wardrobe a full four years after I started it will not be a huge issue.  For some reason I was convinced it was a lace pattern and that I was going to need to tear some of it completely out in order to be able to "catch up".  It has had me frozen for literally years! Seems I am just about 3 inches short of completing the second sleeve (and I am even pass the increases) and just have the yoke to go after that. And there is not a bit of lace in the entire sweater.  How did I forget that fact?

All of this made me incredibly excited. If you have to be woken up, brutally in my opinion, it is always good to have a great outcome.

The other thing that simply made my night, was that as I was going through those two bags I located not one, but two sets of my nook earbuds.  Those were my absolute favorites, and I knew I had lost one set - I thought forever, because Hubs found out they were discontinuing them and knew I had lost the only set I had so he bought me two more.  One has been hanging out in his night stand, I was only able to borrow them, as I do have a horrible habit of misplacing them. As of last night, I now know where all three sets are!

Not only that  (and this is a horrible confession to make) I finally found my IPod Nano.  Something else Hubs had bought me that I had "misplaced".  I rarely misplace knitting needles, crochet hooks, quilting supplies, soap making tools, etc, but technology tools, especially small ones... lets just say I struggle with that.  It was in the pocket of one of my knitting bags.  As I was removing the leftover balls of yarn from more projects than I can even remember, I felt it in the side pocket.  Hadn't been charged in years.  In fact I don't even have the computer that had all my music etc loaded on to it any longer.  I was excited just the same. Seems you charge those little suckers up and they work great, even after at least four years.

Hubs finished his call and was heading downstairs (evidently the person that has no idea that people sleep during the night time hours, also had no idea that asking someone to get out of bed and send an email for them, was really pushing the limits of acceptable) as he knocked softly on my sewing room door, maybe he was afraid I was grouchy (he does know me so well)?  Although when I told him to come in,  he claimed it was in case I was in there working on something for him.  Seems two pair of socks and picture for his wall have created a monster.  He was hoping that the stitching I was doing was for him.

Guess I'd better get on it and provide him with another pair of socks. Seems he now craves those homemade goodies.  Yes, that is the sound of my heart beating just a little bit more happily.   He swears he'll wear a sweater - if the sleeves are the same length, that's another story. I know he won't.  He gets hot too easily and never wears sweaters for more than a minute.  That is too many hours of work for it to sit in the back of his closet.
Yes the Christmas decorations are still up...
Well, my fire is burned out, I've had to reset my internet password (thanks to whoever has been working diligently this morning to break into it) and now I have to wait for Hubs to come home to show me how to reset all the televisions... Yep, this girl can spin her own yarn and knit or crochet it up into functional clothing, but give her something a 5 year old could program and she is an idiot!

Before I knit, I have a feeling it is time to curl up in the recliner with my aching leg elevated and take a nap!

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