It's the mid-west after all...

9 am yucky rain
Hubsters and I have been busy this morning!  Thought I would slow down for a minute and drink my smoothie and maybe type a bit.

Last weekend we were both fighting the crud, weather forecast said sunny, dry and near 50 today, so no worries we will take it down on the following Saturday.  No worries, no stress, perfect plan. Maybe it is time to remind myself that we live in the mid-west, and a weather forecast of only a day is a crap shoot.

Before day break we were rushing to take the boys for their walk - before they got soaked with some seriously cold rain - yep, we were not successful.  And the Gator does not like his old bones to be cold or wet.

Then rushing around to take down the outside decorations before the possible 2 - 4 inches of snow hits us after noon when the temps decide to drop dramatically. I did not want to be trying to take it all down in that kind of mess.

Soaking wet, freezing cold, and fingers slowly thawing out, the front of the house doesn't look like the holiday ever happened.   Although I did leave the sled and snowman sign up.  After all, they are predicting snow.

Hubs also worked on the Merc, we are selling the Divine Ms. Em... She's beautiful, I love her, but truth is Hubs hasn't been up to working on her for years now, so she sits and gathers dust in between her occasional baths and starts.  Not fair for that beautiful gal to be sitting, rotting.  I'm her second owner, she deserves better than two old ladies owning her.  

Besides we need two functioning cars.  These long days are kicking our bums.  Living so far from work now, it's not even feasible to come home when one of us has to be in early or stay late. It limits opportunities and causes stress we simply don't need or want.

Hubs is outside with the young man and his dad that are interested in buying her.  I've chosen to stay out of it.  I know it's the right decision, but it's still an emotional one.  After all, Hubs bought her for me on the grand baby's first birthday!  The young man looks like he would be a good owner for her.  I am someone that goes on emotion and feelings.  To see his face as he looked at her when I took the keys out there, he wasn't seeing her age and few flaws, he was seeing her potential and beauty.  We'll see... She might have a new home very soon...

I'd just gotten up for a cup of coffee as they arrived.  They were pulling up front as I looked out the back window and realized that yet again the weathermen might possibly need a new crystal ball.  The rain was supposed to go steady until after noon.  It's not even 10 and big fluffy snowflakes are already starting to fall. I am not sure we will get any accumulation, but I am going to enjoy hanging by the fireplace watching them fall.

Okay... so reevaluation of the weather again... Seems the weatherman that said to watch for hamster sized snow flakes was not exaggerating!  These things are huge!  Almost a full snow ball size.  I do believe it might accumulate.  Unbelievable!

It's been a busy week, and I am still trying to find my groove to get back to writing, my goal is to get back to daily.  It might take a bit, but I am working towards that goal.

Butternut Ginger Soup anyone?
I am working towards a lot of goals.  I feel like the first week of any changes are always the hardest. And we made it through week one with most of our new goals intact.  I didn't write everyday, but we didn't eat out once until last night.  When we went out for a delayed Christmas party (December got too busy and crazy). And it was the most amazing seafood I have had in the mid-west, fresh daily, and just downright amazing! A solid week of home cooked meals.  It's been a long time since that has happened.  I have taken steps towards some serious professional goals, and almost completed one wrister.  Need a set of double points in the right size, that magic loop thing seriously does not work on thumbs.

Well the snow is rapidly covering things, so I need to run out for more fruits, veggies and weekly supplies before the snow makes doing that not fun. In the thirty minutes since it started snowing it's already starting to accumulate... And I went for a walk in a windbreaker yesterday... gotta love the mid-west!

Everyone stay safe and warm...

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