Where do I sign up?

Organizational skills for the chronically disorganized.

That should be an internet class with a lifetime support system.  Because I have to tell you this organization and structure that I am trying to add to my life, well it is incredibly hard work!

I watch my daughter, she is the queen of organizational skills!  And if you could have seen her room as a kid, you would never believe it's the same person.  Sometimes I swear invasion of the body snatchers has happened.  

As a kid finding a pair of socks, or sometimes simply her in her room was a challenge at best, yet now, open her cupboards and everything is organized, easy to find and orderly. Mine?  Try as I might, I spend a great deal of time looking for a can of black beans. I will admit to finding some mason jars and my label maker so that my bulk ingredients aren't stacked up in bags in the cupboard - Yes!  Success!

Before this year is up, I want to be "that" person, at least to a degree.  I'm not going to say that would work for me completely.  I am far too free spirited and unique for that to be me. If I wake up with a need to quilt, knit, crochet, paint, build, or be an alchemist in my kitchen, I know that I am not going to be happy until I have accomplished that goal.

As we ran errands yesterday I was able to get 10 rows on my sweater.  That might not sound like much, but when it's an all in one sweater and I am currently working with 460 stitches at a time, that's pretty darn impressive. I didn't allow myself to go to bed until I'd gotten ready to start the 10th set of rows, only have to get to 38 sets before I can start the collar.

I am sure they thought I was a bit special getting the oil changed on Hubs car and at the car wash.  I personally felt that I was far more productive than the swarms of people huddled over their phones not conversing or even making eye contact with anyone. The young woman beside me, was fascinated by my stitching and telling me all about her sister in college that does the same thing.  I love those kind of conversations.  Hubs was busy supervising the folks working on his car.

I sat in the car and stitched while he was buying new hubcaps.  First time he takes his car to work and some idiot steals two of the hubcaps.  Seriously? Frankly, I am fairly certain the goal was all four and someone came out and caught them.  Come on folks, it's an 05 Saturn, and you wanted the hubcaps? A new set was less than $40, go buy your own.  On that note, he'll be posting two slightly used hubcaps on Craig's List today, maybe he can help the guy or gal round out their set.

Got two rows on while he did that.

I was armed with a shopping list, grocery list and I felt pretty darn sure that I had all the tools needed to be prepared for the week.  Got some great deals on smoothie supplies and a weeks worth of veggies for lunches and dinners.

I was feeling a bit proud of the way my year of changes was going.  Organized, check.  Chores being handled, despite the darn knee thing, half a check.  I was feeling pretty well, amazed at myself.

Then while sweeping out the cat closet this morning, I realized I forgot to buy cat food. Mind you, I bought dog food, turtle food, kale for the lizard, corn for the squirrels and seed for the wild birds, and the little creature that is most insistent that you notice and play with her... she's who I forget.

Hubster and I both got Fit-bits this weekend also.  We both are far more willing and able to focus on important things when there is tracking and accountability.  Besides when your out of pocket is only $9.36 for tax, how can you not? The Y started a new program this year to help you be healthier, and so far we'd each qualified for $100 in gift cards.  So we cashed them in.

One of our goals this year is to get healthier. He needs to protect the "frankenhip" and unfortunately, this darn knee is going to need some serious TLC from me. Besides now that we are both on the other side of the big "50" it just seems to be important that we stop putting our heads in the sand and pay attention.  Medical insurance is expensive, and if by taking control we can save money.  Well... this cheapo is all about it!

Even if it does mean I have to plan, be organized and a bit more structured. Ugghhh...

I am going to reuse a few of the menu plans from last week.  I didn't end up doing a great job sticking to it after my knee decided I needed to slow down immediately. And Hubs was able to schedule one of his tests that involved no food for 24 hours.  Kind of screwed up my hard work, although, it felt good to be in control and know what dinner was going to involve. Not coming home and having to scramble to thaw and plan something was a complete bonus.  We are taking baby steps, but we are getting there.

I wonder if in six months will I look back to today.  Will I picture myself sitting here at my little desk, sipping my coffee (yeah that is never going away!) before dawn, and feel that I have made progress.

I wonder...

My horoscope for 2016 says this is going to be an amazing year, maybe my best ever... Game on...

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