Sunday, January 5, 2014

Taking bets...

Questioning their idea of blizzard conditions...
I keep looking out the window, each time I hear a snow plow go past.   I am not sure what they are plowing, but they are being diligent. The storm watch forecast on television is assuring me that the storm is still heading our way and there is a bit of snow starting to come down in St. Louis.  But here in Illinois... well... I think there is a whole inch on the deck out front.

Do you think Mother Nature heard my plea?  I am still hopeful, but starting to lose hope.  I am not as concerned as I was yesterday.  My girl rented a Suburban, that puppy is huge and heavy! We decided to not risk loading his world up in deep snow, so everything is loaded with the exception of electronics, a few blankets and a few remaining clothes, we will load that tomorrow morning when we take him to her house.  The first hour of his trip might be interesting.

I just looked outside as I went to fill my coffee.  It's starting to fall, its light and crispy, not what I like to hear.  That makes an icy glaze under that beautiful fluffy stuff.  Oh well... nothing one can do about it.  It's all survivable, it is more the folks that don't know how to deal with it that will be the problem.  And as I don't intend to go anywhere until morning...

Hubby bought some yummy Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream for our morning coffee and I think some nice cinnamon toast with cream cheese and apple slices sounds like a perfect combination to start this day.

I am in a better spot today than I was yesterday.  Not a great one, but definitely a better one.

It was odd yesterday, loading up his stuff, officially moving him out after 11 years.  For almost half of his life this has been home.  Odd.  There were just a few times that it really wrenched my heart.  I guess what is bothering me so much is the distance.  When my girl left she didn't leave alone, she went far away initially, but she didn't go solo.  It was easier.  He is going solo, and I hate it!  In my brain he is always going to be my adorable little bug, most of the time my brain still pictures my tow headed little guy, holding my fingers tightly as he learned to walk.

Today is going to be devoted to finishing up a few last little bits of stuff for him.  Watching the latest two Sherlock's with him.  And just enjoying a forced day of quality time.  It's kind of ironic actually, eleven years ago we arrived here to a snow storm, just as we were unloading the truck a heavy snow began to fall.  Now as he is moving on with his life, it will be with a heavy snow.

Hubby is waiting on my attention this morning he needs some computer back up, I already have the dog's chicken jerky in the dehydrator and I am pretty sure I am going to make up a few jars of spiced pear butter this morning.  I had promised a few folks I would do it and the morning needs to be filled with busy work that won't allow me time to think.  I may even make a few batches of soap, the holidays definitely wiped out my stash. This afternoon, while enjoying family time I will finish up the crochet hat that my boy requested and then I am working on a few pairs of socks (I love soft handmade socks - my mom and sisters all do too) birthday's are coming.... for a change I will sit inside and enjoy the snow.

Tomorrow is going to be a harder day for me.  Watching my boy leave, while exciting is going to be tough.  Dang kids, they grow into strong adults that don't need you.  I know, I know... it means that we did a great job with raising them, but still... maybe I am not ready to stop.  Okay that simply made me laugh!  I am ready for him to be who he's been destined to be, and now it is time to start planning some nice vacations.  But... I do get to be a wimp and cry a few more times before I am completely ready.

Time to sit back and enjoy the white fluffy stuff from inside my nice warm house. I might even take bets on how accurate the forecasters are, they are now claiming it will be as big as snow event as it was in 1982... How are you spending this beautiful winter day?  

p.s.  It's just snow...