Our girl in her youth...
Rain outside, rain inside...

Exhaustion level is off the charts.

A building that I love and have put more than my share of blood, sweat, tears and countless hours into is in really sad shape, through no fault of our own.

It's bad.

And I am reminded once again why I work where I do and with the people that I do.

It's not perfect, it has lumps and bumps... today was brutal.

And the amazing people that make up the fabric of the Y, proved to me once again what is that makes me passionate about what I do.

As water poured down on us, as we struggled to save everything that we could, as we stood in freezing cold water and worked side by side, they showed up. 

Part time staff that traveled through pouring rain, working side by side with those of us that put more hours into that place than our own homes. 

Property Managers left their buildings, some traveling more than 50 miles one way, all bearing buckets, squeegees, mops, extractors and anything else they thought would help. Staff from other buildings, all working side by side.

Members that not only understood, but asked if there was anything we needed. Offering to bring socks, dry towels, anything they could.

We are a community. We are a family.  Right now, our family is hurting. The path ahead is still uncertain and rocky. 

The one thing that is sure, the one thing that is helping me hold it all together is those amazing people.  That pulled together in a time of pure crisis to create a solid front.  A team that is unbreakable!

Now it's time to finish my beer, my popcorn, and then lay my head down on my pillow.  In the daylight of tomorrow I am sure things will be clearer.  In the daylight we will start anew. 

I belong to an amazing group of people and for that I am eternally thankful!

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