Let it... Not snow??

This mornings map... not promising...
 The weather forecast is calling for snow.  Lots of snow.  I think for the first time ever I am hoping for it to miss us.  I love snow, I love spending a weekend inside while it is cold and windy outside, all beautiful white and sparkling. Normally, I love it!

Today I am praying that the weather teams might be looking at the wrong map.  Our winters have been fairly mild for a long time now, sure we get the occasional few inches.  Sometimes it's a bit icy, but truthfully around here, it really isn't a cause for closing schools and businesses.  But with it being so rare anymore, well folks just don't know what to do when that white stuff falls.

I got three code red weather warnings yesterday, over 24 hours before it is supposed to hit.  Unbelievable really.  I am hoping it is like all the hoopla last year over "snowmeggedon" that had the media in a complete fit, predicting a foot of snow and blinding white outs.  The reality... less than two inches of snow and you barely saw it falling.

I am hoping.

I am hoping because on Monday my kids are set to embark on another grand adventure.  My youngest is moving.  My oldest is helping him get there.  Mom is going to be left at home, feeling lost and helpless.  I wish I could go, I would love the security that would come from seeing him settled in and knowing he was safe (by my standards).  I also know that at some point Mom has to let go and realize she has raised two amazing children that are more than ready to spread their wings and fly.

I will console, yeah that's it, myself spoiling my precious grand daughter rotten!

They had originally thought about leaving today, it isn't completely off the table.  Depending on what the weather decides to do.  Both of them are still comfortable with leaving Monday, we need time to pack and organize his world.  They have to leave Monday at the latest though.  That only gives them a week to make a 27 hour drive, find an apartment, buy a car, and get him comfortable driving to his new work location before he starts work a week from Monday.

As most of their drive will be through the south, where it is generally more mild and easier driving, I am a bit more at ease.  Although the weather patterns have been super crazy this year, I mean they've had snow and ice in Dallas.  And if I don't think they handle winter weather in the Midwest, where it has been known to happen with great regularity, imagine how they handle it further south.

I am struggling with this change.  I can barely sleep and I am worried.  Oh not that they won't be fine, not that we won't have a fantastic - if busy week with our baby.  I am worried because for the first time in his life, my all grown up baby, is going to be too far from me for my heart.  He will be fine.  Will I?

Yes, I know I will, but just like him... I don't like change.  He is so much like me, its easy for me to understand things he says.  This month will be a difficult change for me.  I am fairly sure that each trip to the grocery store will involve me looking for Amp, and that I will look for him each time I go in to take care of his turtle.  The turtle (Picasso) will likely miss him too, I know you wouldn't think that, but he is the only human that silly thing responds to and he spends a great deal of time sitting on his rock watching his human.

They are his spoiled babies...
The cats are going to go nuts!  They are really his and they have loved having him here at home since he graduated.  He's made the difficult decision to not take them with him.  They both turn 12 this year and 11 of those years have been here at our house.  Like he said this is their home.  His Snug will take it the hardest, he's had her since she was six weeks old, although he claimed her when she was barely a week old. Zorro thinks he's mine, or maybe I am his, so he will miss him, but will simply migrate back to allowing me to provide his human comfort.

I hope the snow decides to stop just north of us.  The stress of his moving does not need to be complicated by the stress of knowing they are out there driving through horrid weather on their journey.

Life changes... I am not a fan... I like the comfort and security that comes with consistency.  Maybe it's because I am a military brat, I simply don't like change and I hate my children being far from me.  This new normal is gonna take some getting use to!

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