Friday, January 17, 2014


Simply too exhausted for words. 

Got to spend a minute or two with my girls last night on the way home from a meeting.  Then a chat with my son once I got home.

That is pretty much the extent of my life right now.  Living in snippets.

Maybe once we reopen our building we will be able to move forward. Less hours at work, my time at having a life.  I have to work again tomorrow, although the game plan is to have Sunday off.  I hope so, I need a day.  I am tired.

I should say that my tree will come down on Sunday, I should say I will get a ton of other things done. 

I can't say it. 

I have a feeling Sunday will truly be a day of rest.  Maybe. 

It might help my mental state to get a few of these other items off my list.

We'll see....