Did you???

Such a beautiful sunset!
Did you watch the Grammy's?  I sure didn't.  Never watch any of those awards shows.  Frankly, they make me a bit ill.  I am not sure I have seen any in at least thirty years.  If it wasn't all they were talking about on the news this morning, I am fairly certain my life would have proceeded forward without even knowing they were on. 

It's not bad enough that an elite group of folks all get together to pat each other on the back and tell themselves they are amazing on live television. But evidently the world stops turning for at least twelve hours maybe longer while they revel in the joy of it all. 

When I turn on the news, I want to hear about what is truly going on in the world.  In my country.  I don't care that Queen Latifah conducted a group of weddings, or that political statements abounded, or there was a "spokesperson" for a group that doesn't speak, or... well any of that. 

I want to know about the real world.  The world where people exist daily. Where you get up, shower, eat breakfast and then scurry off to the real job that you do that puts real food on the table and a roof over your head.  That is what I am interested in hearing about.  I want to know if more jobs were created.  I want to feel empathy for the folks that are shivering in their houses and I want to experience the guilt from knowing that I have my heat set at 67, sort of comfortable, but that folks in far more bitter cold are being asked to turn theirs down to 60.  I want to have a discussion with my husband that maybe we should also turn ours down, sure I can afford to pay for it, but if it is in such short demand, then maybe we should show solidarity.

I want to know what new fairy tales are being spun by the "ruling class" in our country.  Yes I know it used to be called government, way back when it was for the people and by the people.  Now it is just a ruling class.  I want to know about the IRS targeting people.  I mean seriously?  Shouldn't the IRS simply be collecting the dollars that the government demands of us for their rules?  Not destroying people because they disagree with you politically?

Neither here nor there, I simply do not want to turn on the radio and hear a never ending rehashing of something I had managed to avoid in the first place.

Last night instead of wasting my time watching that drivel, I spent the time with a great group of folks.  People that I am proud to say I am a part of.  I spent that time celebrating a lot of hard work, that allowed us to reopen just 10 days after closing our doors to the Great Flood of 2014.  I was even more proud as we were all assembling and I realized that some folks had taken public transportation, ridden bikes or gotten rides to simply be a part of that gathering.  These people had taken time out of their lives for most of January to do something bigger than themselves and most had gathered to celebrate it.
Why yes Hubby I do believe that was a strike!
We laughed, made up our own putt-putt rules around hoards of little people, we played mini-bowling (now that is flat out hysterical), bumper cars and then laser tag (that was incredibly fun!) we ate dinner taking over most of their "diner", conversations flew back and forth over everything you could imagine.
Are we there yet?
We shared fun, laughter and fellowship. 

Start your engines...
I've had a lot of that in my life this past month, I was too busy shuffling through the chaos to notice.  Reflecting on it this weekend... I realized, I have a wonderful family that I cherish.  I got to talk to both of my kids, son and I have been doing a lot of chatting online.  Daughter and grand daughter showed up out of the blue yesterday and we enjoyed the fifty plus weather to sit outside and talk.  Hubby and I got to spend quality time together, talking, puttering around our house and simply just being.

We have found a new church, that we are both enjoying a great deal, they are kind, polite, not pushy, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming.  We haven't decided yet to join, but we are thinking about it.  We've both had some less than pleasant experiences with churches in the past few years and are a bit gun shy.

I have friends that I adore, that fill my life with smiles and laughter.  People that I can count on to be there for me, and I want to be there for them.  People that make my small bit of the world a pleasure to occupy.

Grammy's... who needs them?  I don't watch the Emmy's or the Oscar's either.  In fact I couldn't really tell you what any of them are truly for.   I can tell you the small celebration that I was part of last night... tickled me to the bone.  I am fairly sure it won't be covered on any news media, but I can assure you those folks did more to color my world fabulous than any artist has ever done.

There will be more celebration today, a couple of our friends had a birthday yesterday.  Cake is baked, gift needs wrapped and then a celebration of lives being lived well...

I love living in the underbrush of society, it's where all the warm, wonderful, loving things happen!!

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