Saturday, February 1, 2014


bring on the rain...
Happy February!  Your arrival on such a soggy note is very welcome.  Your predecessor was less than kind to too many people.  I was so concerned about the weather forecast when I went to bed last night.  There was a forecast of ice and snow.  I didn't want to wake up to more snow.  The country has been through such a strange weather pattern this year.  It happens.  Weather moves in cycles, it's just that time, but I personally am tired of snow.

Frankly I am tired of a lot this year.  I knew yesterday was going to be a crazy one, when a man with a towel on his head literally walked in front of us on the highway on the way to work yesterday.  Just strolled across.  He wasn't in a hurry, he wasn't about to walk a bit faster, he simply wasn't about to do anything normal. 

Luckily, it wasn't a normal day, and for a change we weren't in the thick of traffic, because on a normal day there would have been no slowing down to almost a full stop from sixty miles an hour.  Not without causing a massive accident.  But God must love idiots, because the road was fairly clear and we didn't hit him.  There were no other cars close enough to cause us or him problems.

Sadly January 2014 went out in true January 2014 form.

Yesterday was full of hateful, mean people.  Yesterday was stressful and ugly.  The "black moon" the second new moon of the month was pouring insanity all over.  I don't know if I talked to anyone that wasn't feeling it's effects.

There were bright spots, a friend that I hadn't seen in far too long suddenly appeared!  That made me smile and feel refreshed.  My girl called, she had exciting news and it was the start of a change in the day for me, it made me feel renewed, it made me feel hope.  My son and I talked online for hours, it calmed my day, mellowed my world. I love that the internet has the ability to close the distance between people and bring them together.

Today starts a new month, today the moon is behind us.  Today is a chance to start fresh.  The rain feels like it is washing away so much negativity and stress.  I hope so... Like I said January was simply not a good month.  We survived it, we moved forward and we are just fine.

This weekend is quiet, this weekend is bathed in peace.  I am prayerful that this weekend starts a fresh run at things.  Maybe this can be a new, New Year, because it needs it.  I think I am declaring this my reboot of 2014.

There are good things on the horizon, there are positive things... I am excited about an opportunity to work with The Haven of Grace. I am almost done with pair two of socks for my knit along. I am hoping to visit my son this year (at least once).  Maybe even finally work through my yarn and fabric stashes, okay, maybe not.  Soon spring will be busting through the dreariness of winter, my garden will be planted... ah... the future is definitely looking more promising than the past month...