The Blessings in the shadows...

It's amazing what 12 hours, team effort, phone calls, and love and support from family and friends can make to your world.  This morning I was ready to throw in the towel, my white flag of surrender was being hoisted up the flag pole.  Tonight, I feel energized and in better control.  I am exhausted, but I feel empowered.

Hubby and I teamed up to tackle the house, it feels like home again.  Christmas is completely put away... well not completely.  I could not bring myself to take down the Snowy village yet.  It matches outside and makes my boy feel closer.

I got to talk to my son, text messaged with my daughter, instant messaged with family and friends near and far.  Today I got my cup filled.  The "me world" feels more balanced.  The work world is not really something controllable.  I wish it were, but that is not the nature of working in the non-profit world. My family and friends reminded me that I am loved and supported, that many of them have walked in my shoes or ones quite similar and not only know, but understand, my pain and challenges. They get my feelings, and know that my rant was simply a survival method.

Hubby and I have been toying with cutting the cable.  We've been looking at all angles, trying to decide if it would make us happy.  Hubby is a movie fanatic, he loves his television and movies, its how he escapes from reality.  Me on the other hand... for me it is background noise. Occasionally something will catch my attention, but it doesn't make or break my day to have television on. 

We have been plotting ways to better control our finances, trying to finally get ahead, again when you work for a non-profit, you are also a non-profiteer.  And we would like to eventually retire, oh my that is funny!  Anyhow, we've both been complaining a bit about the high cost of internet, cable and cell phones.  A phone call later, and I have an extra $181 in my bank account each month... okay $161, I did subscribe to Netflix and HuluPlus.  Hubby is happy and I am happier. 

Never before has AT&T offered me a better cell phone plan that I had and I've had the same one for a really long time.  Who knew they didn't even have roll over minutes anymore?  Guess I made the call at the perfect time, I was hoping to save $15 by dropping Hubby's line (which he hasn't used for a really long time... he just didn't want to lose the number) and that ended up being a $40 savings.  WooHoo!!

U-Verse didn't carry many channel's I like, but I don't expect them to carry what I want only, the variety wasn't there for the amount of money I was paying.  Now Hubby can watch so much variety, we now have all the HD channels on the locals, we didn't that have before.  It's a good thing. Eventually we will put a Roku on all three TV's that we actually watch. The girls will take their television when they go away to college.  

I feel more in control.  Just something that small can change your feelings and emotions.  Having your home the way you like, having just a few major victories on any front can make you feel empowered.

Today, I got a bit of control over finances, my Christmas stuff finally found it's way downstairs and into storage, I have a kitchen table, knit a few inches on my sock and loved on my puppies.  Talked with Hubby and felt like I regrouped. 

Today... I needed today!

I feel empowered to take on tomorrow... I feel like I am refreshed.  To my family and friends that supported and empowered me... Thank you!  I love and cherish each of you!  I am blessed even when I don't always realize it!

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