welcome spring?

Salad is made for lunches tomorrow, dishes are done, lemon water is set out so that it's ready for tomorrow.
Hubs is upstairs softly snoring, his exhaustion factor is pretty high tonight.  Gator went up the stairs before Hubs did. As usual it's me and Neeko.

I don't think Neeko likes to leave mommy downstairs, no matter how tired he gets.  He's lying on the sofa beside me snoring away.  Silly guy.  He is ever watching over us.  Me in particular.  Last night I was having a particularly bad dream.  And evidently I was talking in my dreams.  Actually I was praying, as I was in a room with a particularly ugly darkness.  It must have left my dream and I awoke to the big guy laying full against me, nuzzling my cheek to wake me.  He would have made an awesome therapy dog.  He's just a big, gentle old goof.  Sometimes he is the smartest dog I've ever seen, and others... well... let's just say he'd be in danger on his own.

This first day of spring has sure been an interesting one.  Hubs and I were standing in the kitchen having coffee and talking while waiting on his "paint" clothes to dry, when we looked up and saw the biggest snow flakes falling silently.  We'd just come in from walking the boys not 20 minutes before and it was chilly, but honestly snow was not at all what we expected to see. Maybe a bit of a spring shower, but definitely not snow.

It kept falling for a few hours, luckily it's been warm enough that it didn't stick.  A blessing considering all the buds and flowers that have taken advantage of these beautiful days. Although seeing the beautiful budding trees blanketed in white was an odd sight this morning.

Since Hubs had to go back to finish painting this morning, I made the decision to join him.  For many reasons, mostly... I missed him!  I could have stayed home and finished picking up the house, did some cooking prep for the coming week, maybe even caught up on the ironing.  While that would have bought me time later in the week, it wouldn't have given me time with my Hubs.  Besides, I could see he was getting tired, even if he couldn't.  Besides many hands make light work, and I am a darn good painter.  In less than four hours we were done and on our way.

By mid-day it was a bright chilly day, but much more spring like.  Gotta love the mid-west.

Tonight instead of driving down to my daughters I walked.  It's not a bad walk, only ten minutes.  Problem, it's got a mean hill that either my knee or foot haven't liked. Today I decided I win.  So after Hubs and I walked the boys, I left him home and walked down to take care of her mini-zoo.

The ladies were being a bit quiet. I was worried, I always worry when she is out of town, but especially that the mothercluckers were being quiet.  Silly me! They were just resting waiting for Gramma to show up!  As soon as I opened the door all the way they had plenty to tell me about.  Evidently when you are a chicken, you certainly have a lot to cluck about.  After a few minutes they were all walking around my feet, flying up to sit on the hutch roof and very concerned that the food dish hadn't been filled quickly.  And even more concerned that I was scooping up stuff from the bottom of their house.  They weren't too thrilled that I was disrupting their decorating.

All was good in Clucksville.  All the wet critters were accounted for.  I bothered the lizard, but as I hadn't seen him I was concerned.  And thankfully the snake had decided to move back under his rock (I really do dislike snakes!).  And two of my grand kitties came for loving and treats.  The baby didn't, but I saw him this morning.  The king mouser was probably doing just that.

Heading back up the hill I decided to check my FitBit stats on my phone.  I am really trying to get in 10,000 steps.  I'd felt it buzz, so I knew that I'd hit it. I wasn't quite at five miles.  I wanted to hit five miles.  I don't compete well with others, but I can be ruthless against myself.  Hubs was at home resting the past three days had beat him up pretty good, I didn't figure he'd mind if I took a slight detour on the way home, so I walked the entire neighborhood.

I am completely focused on healing my leg naturally, I'm currently taking the one medication they feel I need. I can assure you that isn't going to happen for too much longer.  I am totally the definition of anti-medication. Hate it.  No tolerance for it and frankly I don't trust big pharma.

So as the sun started to consider setting I continued in my circle around the neighborhood.  I feel I am getting stronger every day.  I need to focus more on my physical therapy.  I haven't been as good at it now that I don't go to the therapist, for the first time I fully appreciate the value.  It's the accountability factor.  My current accountability factor is I do not want another needled shoved into my knee. It hurts.

The moon is high in the sky as this first full day of spring comes to a close, my eyes are getting heavy.  Some other time we will talk about the journey into eating cleaner and exercising more, the quest continues.  Now it's time to climb the stairs, coax the two bed hogs to let me and Neeko climb in, and rest.  Tomorrow is another day...

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