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Was an early start today, long before the sun had considered waking up I had already helped Hubs walk the boys, made a smoothie, done a load of laundry and given Hubs a haircut.  He was seriously needing it! We were in a hurry to find out new polling place.  It's voting day after all. 

Hubs and I found it.  We made our mark.  I hope enough people care to do the same.  Right, wrong or indifferent, I have very little patience for folks that don't vote.  It is a right that has been earned for each of us with much blood shed and many battle scars.  And not only the kind earned on the battle field.  So many have sacrificed so much for us to have the right to make that little mark or push that little button.  

So many won't make the effort, feeling their vote doesn't make a difference.  I saw a meme the other day that completely demonstrated the reality of that mistake.  It showed the Washington Mall, surrounded by all of our monuments to the people that gave so much to shape our country.  It was filled to capacity with people, pouring over the edges.  It represented all of the people that didn't feel their little vote mattered. 


I am not an overly political person.  I have my beliefs, which happen to be a pretty good mix of things.  I will not hate or belittle you for yours, I expect the same from others.  I feel it is one of the things that makes this country of ours so amazing!  Many thoughts, beliefs and concerns are represented.  And each of us has a vote.  If we don't use it, shame on us. 

Do I expect my choice to win... well I have no idea.  Some years I am in the majority, some the minority. But as I made the effort to vote, I feel I have the right to voice my opinions!  To complain when what is going on is something that makes us weaker, or to lose our rights.  I also feel I have the right to celebrate when we as a country have shone brightly.  

I am thankful for the brave men and women who over the course of time have fought, protested, marched and petitioned for each of us to have the right to vote.  

I proudly displayed my ID and my voters registration card this morning.  I am new to my state, this was my first opportunity to be engaged as a citizen and resident. As I looked at all the forms of identification that they would accept, I was puzzled about all of the commercials and news stories that I have seen concerning how hard it was to prove who you were.   How it was making it hard for people to vote.  The list was very long and I personally could provide about six of the forms accepted.  Some I had never heard of, and I was completely shocked to see they would even accept an ID from another state.  

I personally feel that if you have to have an ID to cash a check, accept benefits of any kind, see a doctor, fill a prescription, get a library card, or anything else then it is truly not asking for much to prove you are a legally authorized voter.  It is far too important to all of us!  And honestly, when people have sacrificed their lives to give us the right to vote, is it asking too much to go and get a state ID?  Or evidently bring your power or sewer bill?

Wow, did I get off on a bit of a rant?  Didn't mean to... 

I was happy to see so many people coming into the little church that serves as our polling place, many of my neighbors.  I am hopeful that we do not waste this opportunity.  So many other countries are jealous of our freedoms.   We shouldn't waste them. 

It will be a busy day at the polls, and a busy day for me.  I am getting ready to spend a quiet morning in Hubby's man cave.  Typing furiously on the main computer.  I am so far behind with so many things and that means that for a minute I am going to fore-sake things that are important to me.  Things as simple as a walk in the sunshine, coffee on a sunny morning with my girl, time with my Hubs or even a trip to see my boy or my parents. 

Although I feel like the universe is trying to give me a message.  Too many things are popping up in my world that are screaming at me to slow it down.  To step back.  To re-evaluate. I am willing at this point to spend the next few weeks crazy... I am okay with what I have to do right now.  

But I feel quite strongly that April is going to signal a huge shift in my world.

This is a time of monumental change... in our world, our country and in each of our lives... I feel I can have the most impact in my immediate world... where will you make change?

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