Saturday, March 19, 2016

a cluck, cluck here...

I am not a farm girl, I swear it!  But one sure would think so.  I live firmly in the burbs, in the midst of shopping mecca's, strip malls, subdivisions of houses, condo's and apartments.  My yard is a postage stamp compared to my old house.

And yet... before 6:30 am today, I have walked my boys, fed the turtle, checked on a snake (yep, he's firmly under the water bowl that needs to stay full, so I will have to do that again in a bit... have I mentioned I HATE snakes?), made sure the water dragon had clean water and his crickets had fresh feeding cubes (? I am now feeding crickets?), checked all the aquariums, checked on kitties, and took care of chickens.
I am wondering if I have somehow slipped off into a very strange place. My girl is on an adventure so I am watching her zoo.  She lives in the same area I do, so nope, she is also not on a farm.  But she definitely has an eclectic taste in pets.

The kitties brought in a field mouse and killed it, leaving it lying in the middle of the living room rug, a gift for their missing mommy I'm sure.  Just in case you are wondering, in the dark that is not something you want to see. Thankfully, Hubs took care of the situation and I did not have to.  I am not a fan of cleaning up dead animals of any type.  Although I was a bit thankful that he was not running around, that would have been even more unsettling.

Hubs has headed off to work, it's unusual for him to work a weekend. He's usually a Monday - Friday kind of guy.  I'm the one with the insane schedule. You simply never know where I am going to show up.  I considered going and volunteering, I really did.  Then I thought about it for a few minutes longer.

I am a great painter, it's actually something I love to do. And normally, I would enjoy volunteering my time to help someone out.
Hubs and I the last time we got to just hang out... 

But... I decided that I would really rather stay home, run my errands, do stuff that I want and need to do.  I have been working an insane schedule for a couple of months, it happens.  I've spent far more time away from my beautiful home than in it.  My house needs some love, my yard needs some love, my dogs aren't sure who I am, I haven't sewn or knitted in forever.  And honestly, I just need some down time.

last time I knitted...

I want to take a picture of my front yard and go to some nursery's and get some ideas. I need to reconnect with me.  I need to be selfish.

Honestly, the chaos of the little farm in the burbs, was so soothing to my soul.  The smell of coffee, the sun breaking over the ridge, the snoring of my boys.  I need it.

So today, instead of helping the guys paint (they've got it... but many hands make light work) I am going to have myself a mini-me day.

Easy to get lost in thought...

I've already run an errand for the Hubs, and no I don't like meeting strange Craig's List purchasers in places that I don't know where I'm at... nor do I want them coming to my home. And on the way home I went to Sugar Creek Park and walked a few miles. Not sure yet if my knee and foot are happy about that or not, although I didn't really intend to give them a vote, so... all is good.

Ready for smoothie making

Homemade Honey Nut Bars - No preservatives!
It was supposed to rain all day, looks like it changed it's mind.  Because it is a beautiful sunny spring day, I might simply have to finish channeling my little prairie girl.  Cooking, cleaning, puttering around the house. There is dirt that needs something planted in it, there is grass to mow.  I love to mow the grass, I love the scent.  It makes me long for my Papa.  It takes me back home in my memories... to Erie.

Yep, today I am going to be a very selfish woman.  Today, it's about grounding myself.  And you don't get much more grounded than cleaning up chicken poop.  Today's about what makes me happy.  What's going on in your world?

Ollie didn't feel the need to wait for fresh food!
But... it's empty...