Friday, March 25, 2016

little blessings...

The sunshine is pouring in the back windows.  My house smells heavenly.  I am simply relaxing on my sofa for a few moments while my polish dries, the nut bars cool and the Hubs drifts in and out of a nap.

I have to head to work shortly.  I volunteered to take the first holiday weekend, as it was my fault I didn't get the list out quicker for the team to choose from.  Sure didn't expect Easter to sneak in quite so quickly this year.

I have so much to accomplish, so it will be okay.  And we are closed on Sunday, so I will have a day of rest and celebration.

This morning as the sun was thinking about rising, I took advantage of the hours I had before work, and got most of my 10K steps in already.  It was a bit brisk, 36 degrees, so much so that Hubs opted out of going with me.  He isn't a fan of being cold.  I decided to walk around our complete subdivision, yep took on the hills.  I am not sure my knee is overly thrilled, but I did it!  And I am feeling pretty darn proud of myself for it!  Even two months ago, there is no way that my knee would have allowed me to walk those hills, much less just flat ground.

The clouds didn't decide to move on until I had already gotten home, so it was a bit dreary and dismal.  The soft spring breezes have pushed them on their way now.  And it's beautifully sunny.  It won't be extremely warm today, so I won't feel so bummed about being closed up inside looking longingly out the windows. We all know I am a huge fan of spring time, and it kills me to be closed in as it returns each year.

In my quest to clean up our eating, I took time this morning to make more of the nut bars that I have been including with our lunches for a daily snack. Honey Nut Bars (I'm including the link) have become a passion. They are so yummy and a great way to avoid that middle of the day "crap candy" moment.  Just knowing what all the ingredients are is huge for me.  The one's I made today have the cacao nibs.  Those are another new favorite of mine.  Used them in my smoothies this morning.  Gotta say... Chocolate covered Cherry flavor in a healthy smoothie... fabulous!

So far I have made Cinnamon Nut and now the Cacao Nut, I can't wait to try the Orange Nut.  Need to get more pecans before that one happens.

Finding time for some of the things that I want to make happen in our world is a bit challenging.  I love to create, regardless if it is healthy foods, things to use or decorate our home.  When I don't find time to do this, I feel out of whack.  Like my universe is not moving the way it should.

So even the tiny victory of making nut bars feels huge!  Now I am praying they cool enough to cut before I head out the door.  I am going to make a black bean hummus before I leave also.  Heirloom carrot dippers and a protein rich hummus sounds like a great addition to my salad today!

I hope that everyone enjoys this beautiful Good Friday, and that everyone finds something good and wonderful in this day!

Time to get ready to leave...