Wednesday, March 23, 2016

loving ordinary...

After a busy morning, walking dogs, feeding my girls critters, a short motorcycle ride with the Hubs in the early rising sun, smoothie making and ironing, I thought I would take a walk to get my steps/miles in.  As hubby headed off to inspect a building, I headed off to Sugar Creek Park.

I figured I'd be early enough to miss all the mom's and kiddos and have a pretty peaceful walk.  I was partly right.

For the most part it was me and only me. During the first two miles, I was cherishing the birds, squirrels, the soft breeze.  I was hoping to be able to lose myself in thought.  I am working through some things that are nagging at me and I really needed the silence.

That's about the time it dawned on me, that while it is a precious park, with a great walking path (lots of ups, downs, hilly and flat, even a small section that isn't paved).  Unfortunately, as I discovered today, it also sounds like a drag strip.  Getting lost in thought is something that is very hard to do with the non-stop road noise.

I am afraid I will have to find another walking path to lose myself.  One of my favorite parts of living out here in the county is the focus one sidewalks, parks, and areas that are removed from the insanity of everyday life. Our old neighborhood lacked even sidewalks.

Despite the distractions, I had a fabulous walk - I actually got a bit wrapped up in hitting my steps and miles and walked about 15 minutes longer than planned, so this will be short.

I got home and chopped up a big pot of veggies to make a nice Italian Wedding soup.  Complete with meatballs.  And I am waiting for it to safely be simmering so I can go get ready for work. I told Hubs and one of my "b's" that I would bring lunch around noon.

Hurry, hurry... rush, rush...

Have a blessed day!