An amazing day...

What an amazing day it has ended up being!  After that sluggish start, dreary feeling and whiny, after a few cups of coffee.  After being sure it was going to be just another icky day.  The sunshine was bright, the medicines finally have started to work and my energy level is starting to come back.

Those are all great things, but not the best stuff... Like I said it's been amazing!

Hubby got the motorcycle out, so we could get a few miles in before the rain came.  It was coming, it was on it's way. But we were determined.  After all a week of ick, I needed to feel that freedom. We ran our errands and zipped around town.  When that kind of storm is lingering on the horizon, well you don't get far away.

Amazing started with the very first stop, the camera shop.  When we bought my camera Hubby had talked to the manager.  Seems we had found a bag of old disposable cameras, we had no idea of what, how old or if they could even be developed.  But we decided to give it a try, she'd seemed pretty confident they could develop them and we decided to give it a try.

Now it's confession time... I was terrified of picking up those pictures... We had some tragedies that could have been captured on them.  Things that would make me sad to see remnants of, memories that I will probably never decide I am okay with. What if they were there??

There were a few snippets, I didn't look at those, I couldn't. Twelve rolls were memories too precious for words.  We have to admit the thirteenth, well... there are simply no words.  We have no idea who those happy children and families were.  Never met any of them.  It was hysterical! But ah, those other 12 rolls.  Probably only about half of them are worth keeping, but that half...

2004 Washington me & my girl
We'd lost the majority of our wedding pictures due to an accident.  We have a few random shots, we had none of the reception.  As of this morning, we have an entire row of our wedding.  Shots that I had forgotten.  The kids, the laughter, the smiles, the love. Our wedding cake, and first toast as husband and wife.  These all exist again.

Take that... 2003 or 2004
There were pictures of my trip to Washington to see my daughter, and the trip to Michigan to take the boy to East Lancing for debate camp.  There are pictures of trips, and Halloween's long forgotten.  My son's sweet boyhood smile captured as he is playing with his wooden sword, stabbing Hubby for the victory in battle.  Camping trips and treasures all brought back to life.

Eureka Springs July 26, 2003

Oh the treasures...  I was pretty sickly back then so they are kind of frightening in my world to look at, but sweet just the same.

After the wonderful trip down memory lane we decided to make a stop at Savers, I know, I know it's a bad addiction.  But since I am going to be splitting my living room up between two rooms I really am trying to stretch the furnishings.  And Hubby had a feeling...

We walked in the door and almost tripped over two beautiful (once upon a time) end tables.  Bassett and solid wood.  With a smoked glass tops.  Again I wasn't sure I wanted to see what they were going to cost, but... we looked anyhow.  I didn't care that they were dirty and faded, I couldn't care less about that, they weren't destined to stay that way anyhow.  I was super thrilled to find them, and even more excited when hubby told me that it was only going to be $8.99 for both of them.  What??  Wait... don't forget the DD214... two tables for $6.24.... score!

No, I wasn't paying any attention at all to the fact that we'd arrived on the motorcycle and I was not even slightly going to be able to carry those home like that.  I had to get them.  Luckily, or unluckily depending on your perspective Savers will hold things after they are paid for, up to 24 hours.

I was pretty sure my day could not get any better, even though the dark clouds were rapidly coming in as we headed towards home and the SUV so we could get my tables.  Oh, my head was spinning on the drive home, every color had me trying to decide what colors to use on those tables. What was going to pop, while blending in with my new wood floors and the beautiful cream/blue curtains in the main living room.  What color from nature was going to match my deep chocolate colored sofa, the beautiful gold chair that has hung out in my basement for so many years.

We no sooner got home when the heavens decided everything needed a through cleaning, heavy downpours came through in waves.  After a wonderful lunch, and much conversation with Hubby I had decided on my color choices.  Time to get the tables...

No sooner do I walk in to pick up my tables and they have brought out a brand new, never been even sat on patio set for two.  A little cafe table with two chairs.  Perfect for our new deck.  The ideal place for us to sit and have morning coffee while we watch the sun rise over the woods behind our new home.

In two days we have found end tables, the dining room hutch, and a patio set, I haven't spent $70 yet...

Hubby and I have spent the evening working on those beautiful tables.  They are looking so beautiful.  The first two coats of paint are on.  One more tomorrow and then we will distress and stain.

That will happen around the trip we are going to take up to Pawnee, Illinois.  Weather permitting we are going to do a fund raising ride for The Wounded Warriors.  Something near and dear to our hearts.

A wonderful day like this... well it kind of makes up a little bit for the string of ick!

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