Day dreaming can be dangerous...

Making the coffee this morning, I realized that I have made a mistake this week.  I am not someone that is dissatisfied with my life.  I am content to be where I am.  I am not the person that is always wanting more or better.  This week I allowed myself to day dream, and now I am regretting it.

My girl does a lot of interior decorating - she has an amazing eye for detail and color.  She looks at a space and boom it morphs into something amazing. You should see her home.  If she wasn't my daughter and I wasn't over the moon happy that her home is that gorgeous (except for those baby garden snakes that keep showing up - yeah I think her kitties are bringing her gifts) I would be jealous.  But I'm not.  I am so glad that she and my grand baby have such a wonderful home in such a great neighborhood.  I don't worry about them anymore, no need to. And the fact that it is so beautiful... well that is icing on the cake.

I enjoy going to her home, helping her cook (she has a kitchen that is a cooks dream) and just enjoying the beauty that she has created.  I didn't see it when she started talking about it, I thought she was off the chain nuts!  Rich reds, deep metallic browns, yeah, I frankly thought she was nuts! It's like wrapping yourself in a warm quilt when you enter her home.  Everyone I know loves to be there.  You feel a sense of calm when you walk in.

So when she asked hubby and I to come out a couple times this week to look at other houses in her neighborhood, I thought ehhh what could it hurt.  After all, it was simply day dreaming.

The first house was just two doors down from her.  Ironically, the same house on the inside - although the outside would definitely deny that. And maybe I should clarify that, the layout was the same, the house completely different! The yards were equally beautiful. The homes... not even close.  It was easy to dislike that house.  It was dirty, the colors were horrible, and while the black granite counter tops were breathtaking the rest of the kitchen was just run down.  There was water damage to one of the ceilings, and it was just over all not something for anyone to covet.  I wish that woman well... but she is going to need a reality check to sell that house.  Daughter is going to offer her services to help her get it up to speed, hope she accepts.

The only thing truly amazing about that house, was grand baby telling me "gramma you would be right next door and I could see you all the time!"  Now I would almost be willing to move into a cardboard box for that to happen.  That is the only thing I hate about my girls beautiful home. That it is so far away from me.  They used to live a 10 minute walk away, I saw them all the time, I was in heaven.  But that home was not safe, beautiful or good for either of them, you can't be mad when your children move from something like that.

So in an effort to humor the girl, I think she was just needing an excuse to look in the neighborhood houses, we agreed to go look at another home in her neighborhood the next day. I knew that was going to be a mistake from parking outside to get the information to go look inside.  I knew it! It was that same feeling I had when we found the home I loved in Washington.  Hubby fell in love too.

Its a bit further from her, but well within the walking distance for a princess wanting to see a grandma. And it is beautiful! I know they will have no problem selling it.  In fact I am surprised they haven't yet, there must be a hidden reason that I couldn't find.  It definitely wasn't the beautiful collection of light switch plates (I had never thought of doing something like that - it was so amazing!), or the beautiful deck over looking the trees. I am guessing it was the carpeted dining room, because it was not the beautiful hardwood floors, and I did find that a little odd.

I know I can't live in her neighborhood.  It is out of my league.  But dreaming about it was fun.  I almost fainted at all the storage and counter space in that beautiful kitchen.  Mine is small and not laid out well for cooking.  But after 11 years, I am used to it and I have accepted it.

I have never considered myself to be someone that covets others stuff. I might admire a belonging and tell you so, but I have always been content with what I have.  I gotta say, its tough forgetting that gem.

I will find myself distracted soon enough, I will find myself busy and wrapped up in making my life.  I think in the future I will allow myself to day dream, but maybe not go window shopping. Because that is something that could allow me to start coveting.

My girls are too far away, maybe I need to start finding more time to visit so I am not missing them so much.  And maybe I need to look at cleaning out and rearranging my kitchen so it doesn't seem so unfriendly like now.  Its too small for an island, but maybe a few changes.

It was nice to dream for a minute.  And I am sure they will rapidly find someone to love that gem that they have created.  Someone will have dual rockers in front of that fireplace in the bedroom or even the one in the living room. To enjoy coffee on that beautiful deck listening to the birds chirp in the tree tops. I wish them luck!

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