Let the Journey begin...

Seriously!  A weather vane!  I am in love!
It's Friday already. I know, that should be said with more enthusiasm and joy.  I mean after all it is FRIDAY!

It's just, well it's just a little sad.  I have been on vacation since last Friday, and well... I haven't accomplished anything I set out to do this vacation.  I have rested.  I have slept, I have spent days that I really don't remember clearly.  I have not vacationed.  I have not worked on getting my house cleaned out and packed up.  I have not done much of anything.  Heck I haven't even done the laundry or cooked really.

I am so tired of fighting whatever this mess is.  I hate medicines, pretty much feel that doctors are evil and have zero patience for anything dealing with illness. So the past five weeks have been most unpleasant.  The fact that I finally gave in and went to the doctor and ended up worse than when I went, well that doesn't sit well with me either.

So here it is a full week of vacation later, and I am finally feeling like I might be up to doing something productive.  Okay, maybe not productive, Hubby just told me that the forecast says clear skies until around 1 and then rain the rest of the weekend.  So, my vote is to hop on the back of that Harley and save a minute or two of this week.

She's waiting!
Productivity can seriously be over rated.

Right now, I am feeling frozen.  Overwhelmed might be more of the feeling.  Having been under the weather for so long, I am behind on everything.  Seriously, EVERYTHING!

Maybe Hubby shouldn't distract the nice man inspecting the roof...
We did the inspection on the house the other day, and well... it's starting to feel real.  We are moving.  It didn't feel concrete before, it felt like a dream.  Now, it's starting to feel like a full blown panic attack.  I woke up this morning arranging the kitchen in my head.  Spent a full hour doing that.

My girl has me painting walls in my mind also.  Yikes, talk about insane.  I do think I agree with her though... that wall with the beautiful fireplace needs to be a warm chocolate brown. Accented with the sandstone that I love so much.

Family Room/Living Room
Sitting in the house for a week with nothing to do, I surfed Pinterest...  Dangerous thing that is.  I will finally have a dining room.  It's the only thing I have truly missed since living here.  A real dining room.  I got rid of my dining room set when I moved here, there was no room.  A piece of it went to my daughter and I think it is still in her old house.  The table is in the basement, covered with remnants of crafting projects, paint, glues, spills and splashes. I think the bench is still around but most of the chairs have broken or gone.  It wasn't a collectors set, but it made me happy.  So thinking about that beautiful, albeit empty dining room just about made me giddy.  It was a clean slate, and I had nothing for it.

Surfing and day dreaming was quite an enjoyable way to spend a few hours. Yet it wasn't getting me anywhere.  I've told you all about Savers, and how much I love that silly resale shop!  Yes, this from a woman that has little patience for resale shops.

So the other day, after a short motorcycle ride it was time to head to the inspection of the new house.  As we had a minute and it was on the way, I asked Hubby to humor me, I just knew that there was something at Savers I needed.

And there it was...

The hutch for my dining room.  I think I pinned about 10 hutches on Pinterest. Old beauties that were lovingly painted with chalk paint and waxed ready for their next 50 years of service.  I have simply fallen in love with the style.  And I was fairly positive that I would never find one.  And if I did, I would NEVER pay the price that someone would want for it.

Well, color me wrong!  As I walked back to the furniture section, I could tell there was a large amount of furniture in stock, something that's been rather unusual lately.  The back was to me, but I was fairly certain of what I was seeing.  She's missing two panes of glass... looks like she is missing a piece of her hardware (found it in the drawer).  But she is a beauty.  Made of real wood back in the 1960's, made to last.

I was rather hesitant to look at the price. Sure they were going to be a bit unreasonable.  I almost fainted.  It was marked at less than $40.  That alone is exciting.  Even more is the fact that Savers gives a military discount, and Hubby had his DD214 (discharge papers from the service).  I became the proud owner of that beauty for $29.00.  Shoot, you can't go out to eat for that amount of money.

The daughter helped us get her home, I had planned to work on it over the next few weeks around packing, something to help me feel more centered as we move. But this baby house of ours had other plans.  I can't stand it up with the low ceilings here.  Probably a good thing, even if it is blocking the hallway a bit, I really should focus on the rest of the stuff I have to do.  I can put it in the garage at the new house and get her all fixed up while decorating.

Living room
Now this is a master bedroom!
The Hubby and the Girl... seem to love hanging in the basement
Half of the basement...
I had planned to post pictures of the new house.  I even took my camera.  I just felt awkward taking pictures as the current owner had decided to stay home, he wanted to meet us. He's a delightful guy.  Daughter and I completely enjoyed meeting him, and listening to the stories of the home he built with love for his bride.  She passed away last year, you can hear the love in his voice, the loneliness too.  It makes our new home that much more special to know it's history and story.  To know it was built with love and filled with it for 21 years.  We will get to continue it's wonderful tradition!

So most pictures will have to wait.
Don't know what it is... but Daughter and I both love it!
Let the journey begin!

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