He waited for me...

My hubby knows how to make me smile... he makes my life balanced, without me asking.  This morning due to a total communication misunderstanding I thought he and I were riding together, he thought he was riding alone.  He didn't really want to work the long day that was ahead of me, and I couldn't really blame him.  After all, I had gotten him to work late the night before playing a victim for our in-service.

He didn't balk or complain, at all.  He simply grabbed my helmet, helped me put lunch in the fridge for dinner and told me he had cash to buy me lunch.  He waited patiently while I changed into appropriate shoes and off we went.

The sun on my face, the wind in my hair.  I felt ready to tackle the world.  He can always ride, I am too short to even learn to ride our Harley, so I am completely dependent on him.  It was so refreshing, liberating.

We could have walked to lunch, there are plenty of places near us.  But he made sure we had time for a nice lunch a bit further out and then took me exploring.  By now you know how much I like to explore old neighborhoods.  I love to hear the stories he tells me while we putt along.

Today he took me through neighborhoods I have never been to, he took me into areas that I probably shouldn't have been.  But they were so fascinating.  The beautiful old homes. So regal and elegant.  It breaks my heart to see the old beauty slowly falling into decay.  Oh there were some gorgeous old beauties.  Some that only the exterior remained, some holding on for dear life. And others so pristine in their maintenance, so lovely.

I wish that I had had my camera with me.  It was lovely and slightly terrifying at the same time. It's not an area that really invites guests in, it is going through some struggles as it transitions as all neighborhoods do. I am positive I would not have entered that area under the cover of night.  But in the crisp noon sunshine, wow!

He took me along Hall Street, showed me where he used to drive trucks and the stories of when he was younger.  Things that he and his friend had done before the trucking industry was deregulated. He took me back in time with him.

It was wonderful. Really truly wonderful.  It made me happy, it made my day better, it helped me get organized and focused on the remainder of the day.

I felt bad that I was there until 7, that he wasn't able to leave with enough time to enjoy the day, but that he waited for me. I am sure he found tasks to busy himself.  Until it was time to go.

On our way home he assured me it would be warm enough to ride after we walked the boys.  He was right we were able to chase the sunset, even finding time to stop for an ice cream at the Caseyville Dairy Haven.  I'd never been there, but again, it was a place he had been with his mom and dad.  And it was wonderful!

We found the time to snap a few pictures of a flaming red sunset before heading home for dinner. And yep we do sometimes enjoy dessert before dinner. It was absolutely heavenly.  He knows how to center my world.  To bring the sunshine and joy back into it.  I didn't mind going in early, I had plenty to do.

Oh he could have shortened his day by a couple of hours, gone for a ride on his own, but he didn't. He waited for me...

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