I am in LOVE!!

I finished my coffee tables!  Oh my... I have a new addiction... I am completely in love with them. Less than $20 and a few hours of work later and I have the most beautiful addition to my new living room.  

The beautiful old Bassett tables have a new life, I learned a new skill and cannot wait to tackle my hutch! They will be in separate rooms in the new house, but they flow into each other.  So I want a touch of the same in both rooms.  

When Hubby and I scored those tables, I pretty much had a single focus.  I was ready to create.  I love the very act of creating.  Making something from basically nothing.  Evidently, the folks at Savers couldn't see the potential in those tables (for which I am thankful).  We didn't even have to change the hardware.  

We started by simply taking off the hardware and roughing up the finish.  There was very little finish left and that took minutes.  I couldn't find the paint that was recommended in all the online tips and techniques pages I studied getting ready to start. At least not locally.  And when I am ready to create, I have absolutely no patience at all! None, zero, nada!  Luckily, there are always solutions.  

I did some research, found a solution, two hardware stores later I was ready to go. 

Hubby and I started painting on Friday night, several coats of chalk paint (I had to laugh at the sweet young man at Lowes - I asked him if they had chalk paint in stock and he assured me it was in aisle 13.  After much searching I realized he thought I was asking about chalkboard paint - yeah, not the same thing!)

Yesterday morning before leaving for the Wounded Warrior Ride, I roughed up the pieces (to give it that distressed look) and nervously started applying stain.  I have to admit, I was really okay with how they looked just painted.  The color I chose "Rushing Stream", had pop and character.  It was so pretty that the next step had my fingers shaking just a bit.  

I had a vision in my head of what I was wanting.  I was determined. 

The Kona stain looked so dark, even darker on the white cloth in my hand.  I was so concerned. I finally figured that if I hated it, I could always sand a bit more and add another coat or two of paint. In for a penny, in for a pound, yep that sounds about right. 

Late last night, exhausted from riding all day, too tired yet too curious not to.  I went back down to the basement and started adding the final touch.  I gently sanded the dried pieces, working on getting an even finish, mellowing out the slightly darker spots.

I waxed the drawers last night.  I've never used paste wax, and again was dubious of the outcome. I followed the directions to the letter, so worried and unsure.  

Tick, tick, tick... how can 15 minutes fly by except when waiting to see final results.  I was so very tired.  Too many medications, too much sun, such a short night the night before... my eye lids started to droop.  

Sip my tea, add a bit of wax to one of the tables, just a small part, trying so hard to stay awake...

Finally time to buff. I was terrified!  Hopeful...

It was beautiful, the difference was shocking.  Soft, smooth, deep.  The texture was soft. I was too tired to go on.  I really wanted to finish.  I really wanted to be able to complete them last night.  I just couldn't risk it.  I was just too tired. 

I got up early today, brewed myself a pot of coffee, gathered up my tools and headed to the basement. I was on a mission, yet again. 

I carefully applied the paste wax with a brush, pushing it into the nooks and crannies left when you are working with chalk paint.  I had the patience to wait those 15 minutes today.  I was rested and ready to work.  

As the tables dried, waiting to be buffed, I buffed the drawers once more and added the hardware.

I methodically buffed each piece.  Paying close attention to all the corners, edges and grooves. Every swirl of the cloth brought forth the soft beauty that I had discovered with the drawers.  Soft and beautiful, the colors blended and swirled.  

The soft brown colored glass was put back in, the drawers put back in.  I am very happy with the end result.  I am very pleased indeed. 

I have discovered a new found passion.  I just have to decide what piece is next... It cannot be my hutch, this house is just too small for it.  So... is it the other table that I want in living room?  Or the two tables I made long ago, that had been forgotten and left behind (I was considering these for a yard sale, but Hubby has me thinking they may have a home in our new house...).  Or maybe it is the beautiful table, affectionately called Estella's table (after the sweet woman it came from).  I love that table.  

I think it will be perfect in my new breakfast nook.  I will finally be able to use it.  Yes, I do believe that is next...  

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