Energy to spare??

Where did those ten days go?  Why is it that time spent doing things you love dash by and when you aren't engaged in those endeavors it creeps past?

It sure didn't help that the majority of that time was spent sick.  I feel a bit robbed, even worse is that I am still not better.  If I have to go back to the doctor a third time I will lose my mind!

I also do not understand the simple fact that when you are on a vacation or off of work sick you don't need an alarm clock to wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed.  You are simply awake.  Or at least I am.  I wake up easily far earlier than needed when I don't need to wake up.  But let me "have" to wake up... and wow... I could sleep through that alarm for hours!

I am sure a great deal of it is that I have several pieces of furniture I want to paint and I picked up the paint while out bumming around the new neighborhood with the girls yesterday.  I have visions of lace and homemade butterscotch colored furniture emerging from my stash down in the basement.  My fingers are itching to hold a brush, to create...

Daughter and I were planning the changes to my decorating styles, the colors I am drawn to, and the vision I am trying to create.  I love that she is able to understand what I am describing.  She is so talented, I love her eye for color and styles.  She's amazing!

She also understands my need to upcycle.  That I love to save things, not buy new.  The bones to old furniture are so much stronger than what you find in mass production today.  They were made to withstand the tests of time.  Not to be used up and discarded with each new season.

No, I don't believe I am ready to go back to work.  Although I am sure it has far more to do with still being under the weather, not ready to give up my ability to take a nap when I am tired, and having projects and exciting happenings outside of work that are dragging my attention away.

Balancing for me is difficult.  I find that I am a passionate person, I also find that I am a pass this way but once kind of person.  I do not do well with repetition... This is why when you receive a handmade gift from me it will rarely be repeated.  I like originality.  In all things.

Oh I cannot wait to see some of my co-workers - one of my "b's" has been checking on me and even sent me a get well card (shhh... don't tell her... but I love that sweet woman so much!!!).  There are members that I have missed, people that I enjoy visiting with, hearing their stories and cheering them on.  Those are the things I am looking forward to.  I love the community that I am a part of.  I miss them.

Which for my slightly anti-social self is funny.  Because I am perfectly content to not engage with people outside of my bubble.  I am not a joiner, I don't feel strongly about making new friends, and I am very content doing without those things.

Although for now... I am hoping I find the energy to re-engage in my other life.  Sitting here listening to Hubby making lunch for today, he promised his "other wife" black beans and rice.  It will be wonderful to sit together for the yummy treat.

Is anyone else struggling to find the joy in this Monday morning? I think I will simply enjoy my pictures of flowers while I decide how my energy I have to spend...

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