Saturday, June 7, 2014

At a journey's end...

Loves while he fought... Sweet Zorro
And then there were three... yesterday was hard.  Okay that is an understatement.  Yesterday was unbelievably heart breaking. One of our sweet furbabies went to the Rainbow Bridge.  He had an unbelievably urgent medical issue and after almost two full days of treatment he was not responding.  He'd fallen into a kitty coma.  When all hope was finally gone... we let him go.  Because we loved him that much!

I love my furbabies as much as I love my kids and grand baby.  It was devastating. As I held him in my arms, kissed his sweet baby head with my tears dripping on his little paws he took his last breath.

I want to believe when they brought him in the room that the "meom" was his calling mom... instead of just pain from being moved.  He was a talkative kitty, always had so much to say, so three days of absolute silence was hard to take.

As I snuggled him to the very end, knowing that it was more for me than him, as I don't think he knew we were there.  I simply told him how loved he was, and how much he would be missed.

I am already missing him more than there are words for.  It's quiet without all the stuff he always had to say.  His sister seems okay, more so than the dogs or us.  Funny, the boys are the ones that miss him most.

Snug... the Queen of Sassy
In my heart I know he's at the Rainbow Bridge, he isn't in pain and the jagged breathing is gone. He's there with Amber, Lucky, Rachel, Raja and Fred... they are waiting.  It's going to a be sloppy love fest when we finally go to join them.  Our sweet furbabies that have already left, that have all left their paw prints on our hearts.

Now I am paranoid, I keep looking at the remaining three, watching to see if they are all okay. Worrying about the food they are eating.  The amount of water they drink. Are they sleeping too much... and a million other things.  After we move, I am going to have all three get a complete physical by the vet, make sure there isn't something I am missing.  I will feel calmer after that happens.  For now, I fret.

Gator... my absolute baby
The Neeko! Allergy eyes and all...
Today, hasn't been as hard.  Today I have loved on my furbabies, cradling his sister a bit more to comfort her.  Today I spent time with my sisters and the kids that were close.  Today... well today is simply another day.  With a hole in it. 

Rest In Peace Zorro... we will snuggle again, one day...