Sunday, January 13, 2013

You've got to start somewhere...

You've got to start somewhere... so why not here?  Dreams start when your eyes flutter shut, my dreams have been growing for a really long time... I think I am getting there.

Everything is spiraling so fast out of control and I am reaching deep inside my belief system to slow it down. The "real" world will intrude into my perfect world tomorrow, but I feel as if I have turned a corner, started to walk a different path, one that will bring me closer to blending those two worlds.

b'longa'b... my sweet hubby created that word for me... belongs to b... belongs to ME!  As I am slowly deciding the path that I want to take it is the perfect name for me, for my dreams and the reality that I hope to create.

I've never been sure what drives me to want to connect with my inner pioneer woman, to rebel against the changes of the world.  I am happiest when I am caring for my family and home, nurturing, creating, growing, learning and expanding knowledge of the things we are leaving behind.

I've decided this is my journey to my dreams, contentment, and fulfillment.