Slow down...

I cannot be the only person that savors a slow lazy start to a Saturday morning, I mean who doesn't want to kick back and unwind as those glorious two days called the weekend start?  I was awake at 4 am, but I was not willing to start the weekend at such an early hour.  For a change I told my brain to shut up and snuggled a little closer to my Gator boy, evidently Hubby got up really early.  More space for Gator and I to stretch out.  Those extra two hours were wonderful!

Gator is okay with staying in bed and cuddling!

I know I have to revise that to do list, but for a few more minutes (maybe hours) I am going to enjoy the peace and quiet with my steaming hot coffee. I am debating on a couple slices of toast to go with it, and if I want to watch a show and do a bit of knitting while Hubby sleeps a bit more. 

The past week was a short long week and I feel a bit worn out from it, I am sure the extra sleep is helping me want to unwind a bit before I race into the day.  The cold weather outside and knowing we are expecting some yucky weather later this weekend isn't very motivating either.  Good thing we never got around to putting in that fireplace or all hope would be lost!  Seriously, can't you picture that?  A roaring fire, a comfy chair, flannel jammies, warm hand knit socks to keep the toes warm and hot coffee... Knitting bag comes out and that day is gone! But how inspiring is that?  I am fairly sure that I would be able to make a serious dent in my knitting if that were the kind of space and day I were having.

This day is actually going to go a lot different than that.  I will make my to do list shortly, it will have the usual mundane tasks like laundry and ironing (although most of the laundry is done so that is kind of a gimme) it will also have things like picking up the stray branches in the yard and making sure everything is ready for the yucky weather that might hit us.  It is also going to have a couple of spots to create some new "to do" lists. 

One is budgetary, my goal this year is to manage to start b'longa'b's and I don't want to go into debt to make that happen.  So I am going to put together a financial plan to get there, I want to use the principles of Dave Ramsey's snowball  to create a path. Hubby is looking into the building we want and all the stuff associated with it, and I am looking at the rest of the picture - between the two of us, we are going to make this happen.

Another one is focused on clearing out the clutter.  I am sure I already told you that I have a nasty habit of putting off doing things I don't want to do, yes I admit it I am a procrastinator.  I will completely put off doing something tedious in order to have time to create, that will win out every time!  So I have decided to make a list to help me de-clutter  my world, to clear out the external chaos so I can focus on the important things that make me and hubby happy.  I have rooms full of things that either need sold, donated or trashed.  And when I get to my crafting room, it is going to be insanity for anyone lucky enough to be around. 

I have tons of things that will be going on Craig's list or put aside for a yard sale hosted by my talented daughter.  Some of the items are waiting to be repurposed and put aside for when that talented daughter finally get's her store opened.  I cannot wait to start sending things to her shop, that is going to be an exciting day - but that is not my story to tell. 

I am leaning towards a plan that will require me to clear out one space per month.  That could reasonably take me about a year, but it would make it easier to squeeze into my daily life without stress.  I know I will want to put aside a lot of stuff for donation to Strange Folks UpCycle.  My other thought is to focus on removing a certain amount of stuff per month.  I will have to have a serious conversation with hubby before moving forward with this list.

It's time to start planning for the garden.  I have some things I want to do different this year and I am hoping hubby and I will have time to build my greenhouse this year.  We've had most of the supplies for a few years now, yet we always delay, for a variety of reasons.  I think it's time to move forward.  I have also seen a few frames and raised beds that I want to plan to add to the garden this year.  I  am a firm believer in planting food not lawns.  I cannot wait for my Baker's Creek Farm catalog to arrive.  I am hoping to go down to the spring festival they have this year, last year it was pretty much flooded out.  I love an adventure, but I am not willing to drive 4 hours each way to tromp through the mud and muck and to get drenched in downpours. That in my book is not an adventure, but a nightmare.  Last year I discovered some really awesome new heirlooms and had great success despite the drought, who knows what will happen this year.

Then I need to put together my calendar, timeline and plan for b'longa'b.  Amazing right?  I don't know why I am so slow to decide to follow my own dreams, but better late than never.  My next step is an Etsy shop, yikes!!  Yep, I know, seriously get some self confidence you silly woman... hard to believe I am a Leo isn't it??   Right now I sell quite a bit by word of mouth, and by commission. If I want to have an Etsy shop and be successful, I know that I will need to have some inventory on hand so that people don't have to wait too long.  I also know that with my current work schedule if I don't have that safety net there, unless I give up sleep I will quickly fail.

My cousin came up with a great idea to help me stay more accountable and focused and I want to take time to chat with her this weekend also, one more plan to put into place.

Looks like it is going to be a really full weekend, and hubby wants to squeeze in a trip to the country.  Really should go and check on our property, maybe even take a walk, although it is a bit cold and while Neeko will enjoy the romp, Gator will want to curl up on the sofa with the heat on. 
Are we there yet? 

But... I think I have time for one more cup of coffee, I have decided multi-grain toast with homemade jam sounds wonderful, and I think I will put 2 more rows of garter on mom's gift and start on the lace... I think I am going to enjoy my slow start until 10 am... anyone want to join me??

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