Wow, who would have thought that a fairly simply oral surgery could result in insomnia and jitters a full twelve hours later?  Not me, that's who!

Here it 14 hours after I came home yesterday and I am still awake. Spoke with the doc and he said it was highly likely that I would be a little buzzy from all the shots with adrenaline in them, but he did not tell me that my face would still be numb and I would not be able to sleep.

Oh well, being me... what do you do with an extra 12+ hours in your day? After seriously failing to drift off to sleep, even with the precautionary pain pill he told me to take (the kind that usually knock me out for the full count).  I tried turning on the news and watching the ticker at the bottom for HOURS - usually I don't make it through the first cycle - have you ever read that, unbelievably boring! I switched to playing bingo on my Nook - another sure fire sleep inducer. 
Still no luck.  Curled up with my pups, tossed and turned, listened to hubby snore, counted alpaca (sheep are simply not my thing)... nothing worked.

So I gave up! Around 2 I just got up and started working my way through the most boring things on my to do list - the kind that would normally have me yawning and drifting off to sleep, you guessed it no luck!

Surfed the web and managed to find several new dog treats I want to try, I am getting very paranoid about what is going on with pet food and treats lately.  My dogs are not animals, they are my fur-babies and I don't want anything to hurt them.  Maybe this weekend I will try the 'peanut butter woofies' I found, if I do I will definitely be taking pictures and documenting the success/failure of the project.

Baked a birthday cake for one of the girls on my staff team. Hope she likes it, as I won't be there to give it to her.  Hubby said he would drop it off, one of the best things about working in the same building.

Peanut Butter Cake from scratch cooling

Dark Chocolate Icing

Also found time to work on mom's gift, a bit hard to knit when your hands are shaking, but figured the clicking of the needles would help me unwind and get some sleep. Made my to do list, I've always read that getting everything off your mind will help you fall asleep.  Evidently that is without outside influences...

Here the world is waking up, I can hear the cars zipping past out front and hubby's TV down in the man-cave, and I can finally feel myself unwinding... I think I will go iron hubby's work clothes, pack his lunch, sign a birthday card, finish frosting a cake, feed the lizard and turtle, and curl back up in my nice toasty bed.  Maybe the fact that it is peaceful, 14 chilly degrees and this darn adrenaline is wearing off will lead to some zzzz's

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake!! Yum

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