Call me a little kid, but my northern roots always override the adult that has to deal with it.  I love snow, and every time I hear the slightest hint of it being talked about on the news my ears perk up.  I want to know how much and most importantly how soon!

I moved to the mid-west just about 10 years ago, my family moved here long before that, but our home is now and will always be Pennsylvania.  I get snow envy every winter, when the Facebook pictures start popping up with huge snow drifts on the porch and the stories of enormous fluffy white snowflakes drifting gently down.  I admit it I am just down right jealous.  I've seen pictures of it here in the mid-west, and we've had some pretty good snow's over the years, but it is an exception not the rule.

It's been a couple of years since we've had that wonderful deep drift, stay at home curled up at the window with a steaming cup of hot cocoa watching the peaceful still it brings has happened.  To me that is the perfect peace.  Snow seems to have the ability to stop everyone, to make them slow down.  And I personally believe that is something we really need in our world today.

If I thought for a second that my sweet hubby wouldn't have me committed for insanity I would be pushing really hard to move further north when we finally move.  Unfortunately, I am also in the minority where snow is concerned.  Seems most folks aren't big fans of the cold stuff, hubby is no exception.

 Nothing makes me want to take a walk so bad as fresh fallen snow on a bright winter night, especially if there are still big fluffy flakes falling all around me.  I want to savor it and soak up the special glow that the world takes on at that moment, when everything has a shimmery blue hue and is all sparkly. 

My old guy Gator used to love to frolic in the snow, now he might agree more with the hubby now.  But if the snow wants to return our Neeko will be happy to go romping in the white stuff with Mommy.  He rushes out to chase the slightest flakes, bouncing across the yard.  Gator strolls out to take care of business then returns to shelter to watch the "young fool" act silly.  If dogs could roll their eyes I am fairly sure that is what Gator is doing. 

Ahhh... well... if we do get a few flurries today, I am sure that is all it will be.  There might be a slight dusting maybe an inch if we are lucky. I cannot wait for this weather cycle to change and snow to return to the mid-west.

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