It's been a wonderful Saturday!  I didn't get much house work done, and that darn Christmas tree is still up, but my soul is full! I spent the entire day doing what I wanted to do, in a purely selfish manner. 

Curled up in my big comfy overstuffed chair, in my warm flannel jammies with a steaming cup of hot black coffee - pure perfection!  Top it off with two projects that I wanted to finish and a full week of shows to catch up with on my laptop, and you have the makings of nirvana - at least for someone like me.

It was only by early afternoon, with watching one of the shows about how we are allowing electronics to control our lives and me sitting there thinking "I don't think so", that reality dawned on me.  I might say that I am perfectly comfortable in a cabin in the woods with all my old world (as one adult at a conference I was at recently described my hobbies) projects. The truth is I am as addicted as the next person.

First thing this morning I answered a message from one of my sisters about a recipe for hard candy immediately followed by a serious IM session with another sister reminding me that we are very much alike and her texting me a picture of an incredibly wonderful looking loaf of fresh bread.  Seriously I could smell it from here... what's a few hundred miles? While enjoying that conversation, I had opened my Nook and continued working on my most recent crochet project (photo's will be coming). 

The irony of the day still had not sunk in. 

My sister and I shared ideas on gardening, canning, how to control ants and a few other topics, including what mom might like for her upcoming birthday - note to self - no electronics! All the while I was still rhythmically working that hook through the yarn and thinking how much I was enjoying the day.

Fast forward a couple of hours I have finished a couple loads of laundry, and started dinner in the good old crock-pot.  Anyone else starting to get suspicious here? Hubby quickly microwaves himself a bowl of soup leftover from last night and joins me while I continue working on my project at hand, I was determined to finish it.

My show is playing, my needle is flying through the fabrics I am creating when that sweet ding of a message sounds. It's one of my best friends from Georgia talking with me about soap making and different calculators, she is making a baby soap. I simply cannot wait to hear the outcome.  During this conversation I manage to finish up one project just in time to serve dinner and enjoy a bit of time with hubby.

Here it is the end of the day, I have two projects finished, I have caught up with 3 days worth of shows, touched base with my dear friend in Georgia and two of my sisters in Arkansas... and I created all my old world stuff surrounded by all my new world magic. 

Life is easier with all my "modern day" stuff, I love my Nook and that I can get immediate pictures from far away on my phone.  I love that "slaving over a hot stove" isn't always needed to have a wonderful filling dinner.  I enjoy greatly that the network that I watch on my laptop is archived so when I have a quiet day at home I can enjoy watching while I focus on other things.  I love that while my kids aren't right here at home, I can talk to them whenever, bridging a distance that often seems too far.

If I only had the modern in my world I would be a very unhappy person, I need my old world connections.  I need to feel the cool metal crotchet hook and the smooth silky feeling of my beautiful wooden knitting needles.  I need the fibers moving through my fingers and something made with love being the end result. 

Maybe the tree will come down tomorrow - but I doubt it.  While talking to my hubby at lunch, telling him how much I wish we could go see "the boy" away at college, my computer made that sweet ding... I wonder if he heard me thinking about him, or maybe he misses me as much as I miss him... but tomorrow will be a road trip three hours each way to spend a few precious hours with my son!  Pretty sure he misses schnitzel, but I will take any excuse to spend time with him!

What a day full of ironies... what a simply rich day!

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