Tuesday, January 15, 2013


It's the birthday of my youngest!!  A day that is a mix of pure happiness to celebrate such a wonderful young man and sadness that the celebration will be long distance.  For the first time in 22 years we are not together for this wonderful day.  Darn school schedules, don't they realize how important days like this are to mom's?

It is just another one of those small changes that make life unique I guess.  I am finally adjusting to a different kind of Christmas morning, without the anxious, excited little ones barely able to control their desire to open the presents that magically showed up while they slept.  The new traditions are slowly creeping in, the peaceful morning enjoying coffee and biscuits with our elderly neighbors who are also early risers while waiting for the kids to either wake up or show up.  Loading the car for the trip to our oldest child's home to celebrate with her and her kids. There are some positive sides to those changes though.  I have to admit that I enjoy the extra time I get to sleep on Christmas Eve!

I don't really have empty nest syndrome, I adjusted well to the silence in my house, but special days those are the ones I wish could've lasted forever.  I miss the little boy that was so joyous and loved the fact that he was pretty much guaranteed he would have his birthday off as he shares it with Martin Luther King Jr and a federal holiday.  Shoot he was in 5th grade before he got to enjoy that rite of passage of taking treats to his class for his special day.  I have always taken his birthday off, always saved a holiday or vacation day to spend the whole day with him... today... I will go to work and try not to mourn the passing of an era.

I started creating a collection of  Final Fantasy amigurumi for him for Christmas.  It started out as a funny gift to make him smile, ended up he loved it!!  When he went back to university last week he took the first two, Cactaur and Chocobo, with him, today I will finish two more to mail to him. I will also research a few more of the characters to complete his collection. Eventually there will be pictures...

Instead of spending the day with him, I will spend it creating something for him. And I am okay with that. 

Here's to celebrating my young man!  He is truly the answer to all the prayers I quietly prayed and I am so proud and blessed to be his mom!