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It's definitely a bright, crisp morning!  The sun woke me this morning, that's one of the things I love the most. To sleep until mother nature makes a wake up call.  It's been a long week of short nights, definitely not the makings of a healthy foundation.  It made today's sunrise awakening all the more special.  The full 8 hours sure didn't hurt one bit.

Hubs and I are seriously enjoying a restful weekend.  It's been a bit since we've shared one.  Sure there are tasks that need completed.  Yet here in the sitting room with a crackling fire, the beautiful morning sun highlighting the spring colors outside the big bay windows. I'm feeling so peaceful, that I really do not have any desire at all to even think about them.

Hubs is sitting in my favorite chair with our kitty at his feet, reading a book for work.  The little Snug-bug is sitting contently in the rays from the window.  Gator is curled up on the sofa beside mommy, his head resting softly on my foot.  Neeko seems to be the only one not sure what to do with himself.  He's wandered from the front door, to the rug. to the other sofa and back again.  He seems to be the restless one today.  The only sounds are the aquarium and the crackle of the fire, and the occasional meow as Snug tries to claim a bit more space and attention from Dad.  Hard to believe she is 14 this month, she still looks like a baby kitty.

Yesterday was supposed to be about chores and a long walk somewhere, anywhere... don't forget I've gotten very obsessive about those 10,000 steps.  Things didn't go as planned, but in a most wonderful way! Our girl had initially needed assistance getting our grandson to work, sometimes coordinating multiple kiddo's is a bit too challenging and we love to help her our.  About 20 minutes before we were to pick him up, we found out he had a ride.  The plot twist was... our grand daughter needed picked up instead!

Yippie!  I mean sure. No I really mean YIPPIE!  Time with that princess is one of our absolute favorite things to do! I mean seriously, who would not want to spend quality time with her?  We plugged the address into the GPS and proceeded to head her way.  That darn intersection at Laclede Station Road is simply a mess... and of course we didn't get into the right lane to make our turn and Hubs didn't realize he could make the right turn and end up in the same place.  Ended up not turning at all, and making a turn up the next street.
I feel it was fate.

Just as we turned the corner, there was a yard sale.  Now... I am not a yard sale junkie, I'm not sure why, but it doesn't call to me to dig through other folks belongings.  Odd from someone that loves to upcycle, I know.  Hubs on the other hand, is borderline passionate about it.  I'm looking between the knitting in my hands and the clock on the console, fairly positive that we simply do not have time for this monkey business, as he is carefully parallel parking and getting out the door.

All this looking back and forth has caused me to stitch when I should have slipped and messed up half of a row on the heel of my current pair of socks.  I am very fussy about the heels of my socks.  I want a certain type for wear-ability and comfort.  A mistake cannot be tolerated.  As I start to frog the row and work backwards to the mistake he is rushing out the door to search out the bargains.

My frustration wasn't getting better, I can tell you. I finally get the row re-knit and get out of the car myself. The winds were gusting so hard that I almost lost my balance, my hair was plastered across my face and my temper was starting to really flare.  Reaching up to push my hair out of my eyes so I didn't become road kill, I realize I have a knitting needle behind my ear.  Oh for pity's sake. That was when panic set in.  I'd had a beautiful set of rosewood needles on a trip once and lost one, broke my heart, and here I only had one needle behind my ear.  If I hadn't been so panicked I would have remembered that I needed 3 needles for the part of the sock I was currently working on and the other 3 were on on the dash of the car, but in my panicked stated, all I could remember was that rosewood needle.

As I hurried back to the car, searching frantically on the ground for my missing needle, trying to calm myself that I still had an additional one at home (after the rosewood incident - I've NEVER bought just 4 needles) reaching the car still with only the one stray needle, wind blowing furiously, I was so disheartened.  Opening the door, I felt like a total panicked idiot.  There on the dash were the other three.

Maybe it was the mental kick in the butt that I needed, I'm not sure.  I'm just thankful for the reset.  Rushing up to join Hubs, I see the perfect set of tables.  I fell in love instantly!  I am not a fan of the ones I have in the sitting room.  They work, but they don't fit the decor.  They were only asking $10 each, reasonable. They were solid wood, a bit scratched up and perfect!  My brain was already picking colors!  Even more exciting, they were selling everything at half price!!  And they fit perfectly in the trunk.

As we wiggled them in and got situated to head off, I was so thankful to realize we were just 2 minutes from the girls.

Maplewood had a fabulous coffee crawl going on, we were too late to sign up, but not to late to take three little ladies walking through the quaint shops.  My heart soared when my sweet little one looked up at Improv and saw me standing there, she came flying for a hug, her eyes bright and her smile as big as the Cheshire cat smile she was holding in her hand. Her director told me that she is an incredible little actress and he loves having her in class... but of course she is... and I'm not partial at all.

We found a couple of the cakes that she hadn't had her picture taken with yet, and after some giggles and fun headed back to meet my girl.  We were all going on a lunch date.  Hubs was a bit hungry while we waited so he went and picked up a couple of Strange Donuts to tide everyone over.  Hubs took us to a burger shop he'd discovered and wanted to share.  I feel I will need to try it during the week, because the weekend cook... ehhh not so great.  The company on the other hand was fabulous!

After a fun lunch with my girls and my little girl's besties, Hubs and I were off to run an errand or two.  It was tough to leave such great company! But leave we did. Both of us needed a new pair of shoes.  I bought a pair that should have been great but catering to my then swollen left foot ended up with a bad fit and now I have a strain in the right foot to match the screwy left knee.  This is definitely making the acquisition of those 10,000 steps a painful proposition.

We went to a different Dick's.  As the one by us never has shoes in my size, evidently all of the county wears the same size I do, and according to their sales people they all shop at that particular store (I'm thinking its more likely they need to hire a different person to order their inventory...).  If you need a size 6.5 or smaller that is definitely the place to go!  Anyhow, we both managed to find a pair of shoes, thank goodness!  And just out of curiosity wandered over to the bikes.

We both have bikes, sort of.  In fact we have fabulous bikes.  Except we gave them to the girl to use, and they ride a lot as a family.  Hubs and I were both unable to ride for so long it seemed sort of wasteful to have them hanging out in the garage. Now that his hip is better and my knee is getting stronger, we've been longing to go riding again.  There was a time that we rode 15 to 20 miles every morning, was that really only four years ago?  Seems a lot longer.

Hubs tested out quite a few bikes.  He tried street bikes, mountain bikes, and comfort bikes.  A wide variety of each.  We both finally settled on mountain hybrids.  We had comfort hybrids.  We thought about going for a ride yesterday, but honestly the wind was blowing the car off the road, we didn't stand a chance.  It's on the agenda for this morning.

I'm slowly feeling like we are regaining our "balance" in life. We need to.

Today will eventually involve chores and tasks.  But not until later.  For a bit this morning, its going to involve being selfish.  It's going to involve a crackling fire, a green smoothie (my sis and I are doing a green smoothie challenge), hot coffee, and some day dreaming.  Then a beautiful bike ride along the Meramac River.  Absorbing the vitamin D that comes from a sunny day and filling our buckets with the beauty that is special to an early spring day.

How about you?

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