a day to enjoy...

So... I should be vacuuming and tidying up.  Or maybe starting to get our packing together.  Instead I am sitting here.  Sipping my water and feeling like I might be seriously regretting some of today's decisions.

Hubs and I are taking a few days off.  Our batteries were low, and well of course we needed to celebrate his birthday.  Which, yes I will own it, I sort of forgot was actually today. In my defense, we started celebrating on Sunday when we bought him his dream bicycle.  And we are heading out tomorrow for a few days of peace and quiet and "us" time.

Last night as I started to head home my sweet, organized, daughter sent me a text message asking if I had anything special planned for today.  Thinking there was something with the grand's I replied that I had to work for a couple of hours and that I would be off after that.  Her reply was awesome!  "Just wondering if you were doing something for his birthday." Ummmm, well... I suddenly realized in the chaos of the week, I forgot all about his actual birthday.

So what do you give a guy that usually manages to get himself whatever his heart desires?  A day of whatever!  We started off the day at six am with donuts and coffee from our favorite shop. The Donut Palace is incredible and makes the best old fashioned ever!

I had to work for a couple of hours, but it was for a very good cause, and it made me happy. Hubs understood and took advantage of that time to work on a couple of projects at home and do some laundry. Then he wanted to go out for lunch.

We found him and incredible burger and spent an hour chatting and laughing.

That was when the day really got silly!

Hubs and I decided we were going bowling!  I stink at bowling under the best of circumstances, Hubs used to be pretty darn good.  It had been a good decade since we bowled together, between his two hip replacements, and my screwy knee it was bound to be a hoot.

We've spent a carefree day full of us time.  We've laughed so hard, we've giggled and clowned.  We realized that we currently bowl very similar, although he did win the best two out of three.  I did clean his clock on round one.

We both laughed as we sipped our Jack and cokes while we managed to make a mockery out of the game of bowling.  It was hysterical the way we both kept say man... my Dad would be cussin' us.  Ashamed that we'd learned so little from his attempts to teach us.

It was so fun, in fact, we definitely need to do it again.  And will.  Not for the fact that we are skilled, but because we are not and it was for simple fun.

My girl helped me throw him a good party.  And the cake was hysterical! My girl is so fun!

The night is winding down for both of us.  It's been the prefect day.  Lots of us time, many giggles and laughs and tomorrow we will wonder why our muscles hurt.  It will be a bit before we remember it is because we slipped and slided instead of bowling.

Tomorrow a grand adventure happens.  And I am so excited about it I can barely contain myself.

Happy Birthday sweet heart!  Thank you for choosing to spend it with me.

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