it's a mixed bag of tricks...

It's a busy beehive of people and chatter down here at Trout Lodge.  It's one of my favorite places.  The beauty. The shimmer of the lake, with all of the ripples as the fish have awakened from their winter nap. I cannot seem to get enough of watching the hummingbirds at lunch.  Their little wings moving so fast.

I'm hiding right now, it's our free time.  I thought about a walk.  I considered going and doing some arts and crafts.  I've ultimately decided I need some silence.

In just a few short hours I get to do something that terrifies me and at the same exact time I will get to do another thing that fills my bucket!

We are down here, surrounded by this beauty, for our annual spring retreat.  I am blessed to work with so many kind, loving, caring, giving genuinely wonderful people.  And when they are all together in one place for the most part it is a huge family reunion.  I don't know for sure how many of us there are, but I am sure it is in excess of 100.  Tonight, it will feel like far more.

I do not like public speaking.  Remember I am the introvert.  Hubs, oh heck, he's never met a stranger, he's never had a fear of speaking, or being in crowds.  I'm the one that feels anything more than 10 might be a bit much.

Truthfully, there were a few times I considered changing careers to avoid this.  I've known for a year it was coming, you would think that I would be ready.  I think I am.  Although I know my voice gets super soft when I am facing crowds.  I'm fairly certain that will be the only stress inducer.

Tonight, I get the honor of introducing the next C.D. Banks award winner.  And I am so excited!  It was so huge for me last year.  I never saw it coming, and frankly, a year later I am finally almost comfortable saying I am a C.D. Banks recipient. Almost.

I love to celebrate others.  And honestly that few minutes of discomfort will rapidly fade.  Tonight is about the next one, it's to celebrate someone that has done amazing work, the mission of the Y.  All in the name of caring about their fellow man.  How flipping cool is that?

As I am sitting here, looking out at this beautiful lake, sipping my water and centering myself, I'm also reflecting.  The energy is something you can almost touch.  So the silence is refreshing.

Hubs is off doing "boy stuff" with his buddies, I believe it involves golf clubs.  I'm glad, he needs it.  I am terrified it will end with him having a cigar.  That would make me incredibly sad. That being said, I hope he's having a great time!

It's an 80's themed retreat.  As I was trying to decide what to wear, I realized the only thing I do different is that I no longer dye my hair crazy colors and I absolutely will not perm it, ever again.  So... guess it's safe to say that I am definitely not a trend setter or follower for that matter.

Shoot I'd be more apt to dress the part for Sunday's trip.  We're heading back to Mansfield, Pioneer Village. Where is my long denim skirt? And I am totally wanting one of those fantastic aprons they were all wearing. Maybe we should have a throw back to the 1800's.  That I could manage to rock.

For the 80's... guess it's jeans, a polo and Birkenstocks... somethings evidently never change.

Time to go for a short walk on a beach...

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