taking a different path...

Sometimes a day just doesn't go as planned.  

And it's OK!  It's better than OK, it's fabulous!

I think I sometimes get caught up, like so many other American's these days.  I think I start chasing my tail and insisting there is so much that I have to do.  So many things that are demanding my attention, so many things that I feel I need to accomplish.  I rarely, if ever simply slow down.  Alter the plan, change direction.

Today... I did!

And it feels fabulous!  I am sitting here on the deck with the Hubs.  We are sipping Bloody Mary's and he's grilling a fabulous dinner.  My contribution... prep, that's all!  Grilled Salmon for me, grilled steak for him, grilled chicken brats for the boys - hey they need to celebrate the weekend too! Fresh asparagus is roasting on the top grill rack fresh grated Parmesan waiting to be sprinkled on top.

The evening breeze is picking up the mixed flavors and scents and mingling them in a pleasant mix of raw nature and savory scents all tossed together and swirling around us.  Above us the moon is bright and high in the early evening sky.  The sun has still not set in the west, so it's early arrival is so pretty in the soft evening blue.  A soft breeze is moving the young spring leaves on the trees surrounding our tree house deck. All too soon they will be in full bloom and the early rising moons will be invisible.

The day was planned out, we were going to accomplish so much.  Laundry is mostly done, folded no, washed yes.  That counts right?  Ironing, well let's be reasonable here... it's over 70 degrees, my sister and brother-in-law were in town and we got the awesome pleasure of our grand baby.  There was no way the ironing was going to happen.

It's been a bit since she has wanted to hang out with us.  She's growing up so fast.  We will stop the world from turning to spend the day with our sweet baby girl.  She is so fun.  Full of love and life. Both Hubs and I adore our role in her life, and wouldn't change it for anything in this world.

As I was brewing her Rooibos tea this morning, I couldn't help but thinking back to the sweet little girl barely a year old that I started having tea parties with.  The Vanilla Rooibos is still her favorite.  She still likes it with sugar or honey and a touch of fresh cream. Only now, instead of spilling half of those tiny cups all over the table and floor, she sips it like a true little lady.  Pinky finger crooked just so.

She wasn't sure she was going with us, we were headed to Grant's Farm.  And when she headed home with Mom, I sure didn't expect her back.  But not 10 minutes later sweet mini-me showed back up.  Truly looking like a mini-me.  She'd gone home to change her clothes.  We were dressed almost identical!  She is such a little character.

Grant's Farm never happened.  Seems that a few thousand of our closest friends also thought it would be the perfect way to spend this lazy Sunday.

Me and mini-me got the radishes planted - which she hates, so now I need to plan some strawberries, which were not on our planting plan.  We also got the Cowpea Holstein's planted.  I am excited for these to grow and to serve them for dinner.  They are very old and rare.  I love it!  I can't stand how so many of my favorite foods have been GMO'd to death - literally.  Flavor is gone.  So when I can plant the heirlooms and old seeds, I get so excited!  We started to prep a few more planter boxes.  I don't have a ground garden any longer, container only for this girl! I have a fabulous old tub that is going to become home to several different plants.

I need to give notice to those pesky squirrels... I will share, but they will not get it all this year! I plan to put in a few tomato plants - what's a garden without them?  I have pole beans and lemon cucumbers that will round things out.  I am still pushing the outer limits of time to get potatoes and onions planted if I am going to.  I really am leaning towards building a potato tower.  I feel that would be amazing!

We never got the nut bars made and the peanut butter ground.  That didn't have to happen.  Sewing didn't happen either.  But laughs and giggles happened.  We'd had a picnic lunch at a park that the baby girl was excited to visit.  She and Gramps played music on the xylophone made of wood and pipes while I visited with one of my sisters that I rarely see.  It was so nice to spend a bit of time, just visiting and chatting.

We wandered through thrift stores and looked for treasures.  She found an exercise bike that was the perfect size for her, evidently she's really been wanting one.  Once Mom gave us the okay, we hurried back to buy it before anyone else could.  It was picked up and delivered home while we continued to browse, talk and wander.

The treasures she found were silly, she loves going to 5 Below and managed to spend about $18 on pranks and sillies.  She got two light sabers and immediately challenged a good friend of the family to a battle upon arriving home.

We invited her to join our dinner.  She sweetly declined, saying mommy would be sad if they didn't have some family time together. Those sweet baby girl hugs as we went to leave, reminded us both that all to soon she is going to be too busy for us.  We are going to have to settle for the scraps as she continues to grow.

Hubs and I are a bit like the boys when steak is served, we will definitely beg for scraps!  The bike ride never happened, the chores were left for another day.  It's like that old poem, "so quiet down cobweb, dust go to sleep, I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep."... our grand baby is almost a teen already.  This year she will be 10.  Time has flown past so quickly.

Life is short.  Grab it, savor it, explore the good and learn from the bad... time flies.  Slow down and enjoy.

The moon is glowing solidly bright in a deep navy sky.  The stars are starting to sparkle brightly.  It's time to unwind with the Hubs, and get ready for another busy week.

I am thankful for the lessons taught this weekend.

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