A Change can do you GOOD!

The view from the front of the deck.
The silence... that is the first thing that we noticed about our new home.  In the heart of the city, or at least a mini-city in the county, and there is silence.  It's calm and peaceful.  I don't know bird calls, but I can hear so many different ones as I sit out here on my deck, soaking up the first rays of sunshine of the day.

It's going to be a cool day, and welcome after the heat of this week.  So the breeze blowing through the trees has an almost fall or early spring feel to it.  I am mesmerized by the secluded feeling.  I have neighbors close on two sides, yet don't realize they are there.  Hubby and I sat out here very early today sipping coffee and eating our breakfast.  Our days are developing a different cadence. We no longer have a fenced yard, we are working on it.  So each morning starts with a walk with the boys, each evening ends that way too.  There are short trips after work too.  Everything feels more intentional.

Surrounded by beauty!
Right now, it's very chaotic, we aren't all the way out of the other house, and we aren't all the way in this one.

Work has been a tad taxing, Hubby is moving into a new building and office, sadly their offices were not worth the repairs after the flood.  It's a tangled mess, isn't it always when people won't accept responsibility? But their new digs are really nice, and I think ultimately after the chaos of moving that many people for the second time in six months... well... frankly I think they will love it! And Hubby is still Downtown St. Louis, so we still get to have lunch together and carpool.  Life is good. Fearing I would miss my coffee, the Hubs was sweet enough to get me a coffee/tea maker for my office.

On other fronts at work, we are scurrying to make some huge operational changes on an even larger scale and it's been a bit frantic.  Honestly, I am starting to get the two new systems mixed up, as it is so much to learn simultaneously. I am sure the folks orchestrating these changes are starting to think more than a few of us are a bit "touched"...

Yesterday it occurred to me that I am heading to Brazil in a mere 20... no wait 19 days.  That alone is mind boggling.  It's going to be a crazy month.

It also occurred to me for someone that doesn't do change well, I am currently involved in a massive amount of it.  So in for a penny, in for a pound... I went and cut off all my long beautiful hair!  Okay, so maybe not all of it, but over 6 inches is gone.... I just felt I needed to.  In fact that is the most I chopped off since 2012... I might just be a bit "touched".

Looks like I've been sheared!
I have lived in this house now for less than a week and I am already in deep love... not just with the house and the community... although those are pretty darn spectacular.  But seeing my girls... I  have already seen them more in a week than I have in months before this.

Why yes my new house did come with a decorator...
Or two... 
Ignore my shadow... doesn't the light switch cover look amazing against the blue?
Monday all four of us went for mani/pedi's after work, and then for a nice silly dinner together. Last night, I came home to find Hubby and the girls had raided Goodwill... oh the treasures he found! After a rather lousy dinner (thank goodness we all hated it - scratch that off future plans) Hubby and the little bit went out for FroYo, while the girl and I headed to her house to get our hair done.  You know, it's pretty awesome to have a hair dresser that makes house calls!

Tonight it will be Hubby and I, he's had a few adventures with our new house, so we need to run out and find a few repair parts.  But the weekend is just ahead and I am so excited... we will get to have mini-me for most of it.

Way off in the distance I am hearing faint sounds of the world waking up, a train chugged past a few minutes ago, I can almost hear the cars heading to work, and I am sitting here peacefully absorbing the sounds of birds, romping squirrels and the wind rustling through the trees... what an amazing way to start the day.  I think I will simply enjoy another cup of coffee while I contemplate that change can be amazing and wonderful!

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