Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend is done... moving on to the last full day!

As we embark on our last full day in Brazil, I am the only one awake... they were up so late last night, unwinding from the excitement of the game and the very late dinner, I am sure.

Today is going to be so busy.  At 9:00 am we are heading out to the "public market", I am not totally sure what to expect, but I am intrigued.  From the description our host gave it sounds sort of like the markets I used to go to in Germany.  It is in the older part of town from the description.

Then off to the World Cup Stadium for a tour after lunch.  Then a wee bit of down time for showers and dressing and we are off to dinner with the Secretary General and the Secretary for Canela, RS.  It will be amazing!

Here are a few more pictures from Saturday and Sunday for you....

Okay... that is all that is left from the weekend... Lets see what the day brings, Monday... bring it on!