Sunday, November 23, 2014

The gifts of nature... they come when you need them most...

What a beautiful morning!  Mother Nature has so many gifts for us if we slow down and appreciate them.  

Just a week ago...
I just got back from my walk with the boys.  Oh how I wished I'd had my camera, although using it while holding the leashes of two rather busy boys might have been more than I could handle. 

A week ago, it was bitterly cold and snowing, giant wet snow flakes were rushing to the ground.  It was perfectly beautiful.  Today just one week later it's in the mid-50's and no coat was required.

We took a slightly longer walk that usual, Gator likes the nicer temperature and the fact that while it was wet, it was not raining.  On our way out, we heard it.  There's an owl up the road that shows up some mornings. He's got a deep throaty hoot, the kind that makes you pay attention.  I haven't seen him before, and on our way out, it was so dark that I was only able to catch a glimpse of his outline.  Way up at the top of the highest tree.  

His hoot was quite impressive, not sure if he was warning me and boys off or not, but he had a lot to say all of the sudden. 

I stood waiting for him to move, wanting so much to see him in flight.  Hubby had seen him last time and assured me he had a broad wing span and looked massive.  I gotta say I was sure longing for my camera. We wandered on after a few minutes.  As much as I was enjoying the view, I felt guilty evidently causing him some distress. 

I've never seen an owl outside of the cages at the zoo.  I was truly mesmerized. 

We strolled along for another five or ten minutes, the boys were enjoying the nice temperate  morning.   So was I. 

On our way back I was sad to see the large dark spot had moved on, I'd missed it again.

As we passed the HUGE pine that is in front of the tree he'd been on, I heard it again.  Deep, warning and this time almost echoing.  I listened searching the surrounding trees.  I knew it was there, I just couldn't place it.  Was it in the pine and that is why I couldn't see it?  Or high in that old oak that was holding on to it's leaves?  Turning, ready to surrender the search, even though the sky had lightened and I might be able to see, I started to leave.  I could hear the odd echo to the hoot, not sure what it was, but that was all.  

Suddenly in that tall old oak, silhouetted perfectly against the lightening sky, I saw not one, but two beautiful owls.  They were talking to us as they flew to higher branches.  Not happy with our early morning intrusion as they were getting ready to tuck in for the day (night).  

I had a feeling from the direction of the head with the tufted ears on top that I was being watched.  Snatching my handy little flash light out I searched the branches again.  

Beautiful!  Both of them were there, tufted ears, golden eyes in the light of the flashlight and a soft white downy looking chest.  I am not an owl expert, those two looked like the stereotypical owl, straight from any coloring book or story. 

They weren't fans of my flashlight, looking away and hooting even louder, so I put it away and grudgingly headed down my road.  I wanted to see them spread their pretty wings again.  I wanted to see them in the daylight, which was rapidly approaching.  The boys were ready and tugging to go home for their treats, evidently not as enthralled with the beauty as I was. 

Minutes later I was rushing back out my door, camera in hand, boys in the house.  Maybe, just maybe...

Nope... it was moments too long, they probably flew off as soon as we left.  All that was left was the damp, sad look of an autumn day ready to give it's reign over to winter.  No beautiful colors, a muted sunrise - the kind that simply brings a lighter gray to the cloud cover, and lots of mud.  

It's okay, I needed that.  I looked up what I'd seen.  Looks like it might have been a pair of great horned owls.  So beautiful.  Proof there is still amazing beauty even in the heart of a city.  

Tomorrow is surgery day for the Hubsters... The next few weeks are gonna be a struggle for both of us. They say "if an owl has visited you, an incredible gift has been bestowed. And that animals are only called to those who share the same energy." I chose to believe that means good things for they are called wise and intuitive.  I guess I needed a double dose this morning....

So much to get done today, to make sure the house is ready for him to be able to function once he comes home.  And so that I don't lose my mind sitting around the hospital tomorrow.  I am packing myself a little bag... some knitting to keep me sane, some snacks to keep me fed.  It will be a long day tomorrow.   Today is the day to finish my chores....